Name the members of the other factions

When I used to play Laser Squad back in the day (2017) :wink: one thing that I always felt added charm to the battles was to fight against an opponent that had named soldiers as opposed to generic cannon fodder.

I think with PP it makes sense that any mutated creatures you face would be, in most cases, nameless. But when facing New Jericho, for instance, it’d be nice to know who you were shooting (or being shot at by).

You’ll presumably have a name generator for PP recruits already, so why not apply the same mechanic, all be it with different names, to the other factions?

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You mean that they will shout what their names are to let you know who you fight against? “Heeeeeyyyyy… Julia Brandon here! I’m gonna put my Gauss rifle in your ass you damn Phoenix scum! Meet my other coleagues out there Steven Wright as heavy, Xiu Liang as sniper over there… somewhere, and Siergiey Balchikov as technician behind you… Now die!”? :wink:

I see your point that figthing some Greta, Julius or other Pablo would be more interesting (even for streaming purposes where you can name enemies you are fighting - and talk that Eve from NJ just killed your poor Johnny instead of enemy assault did that) but do we should know their names and have them displayed somewhere on the screen? I don’t see reason for this other than pure cosmetic.

The reason is emotional involvement. In any story, learning the name of your antagonists usually lends weight to their involvement in that story as opposed to them being a series of unknown assailants.

Especially when Eve from NJ has killed your poor Johnny and then escaped from the map, and you’re just spoiling for a chance to gain your revenge in a future encounter.

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Actually I wouldn’t remember her name. Here comes the Stalin quote " A Single Death is a Tragedy. A Million Deaths is a Statistic". That Eve would be number above 0 and less than 10000 for me. :wink: But if that is not a problem then devs can add it. Let them also add option for me to disable displaying of those names on the UI. :wink:

I actually quite like that as an idea. Similar to how the queen can cut and run when she’s in trouble, factions could have soldiers that always seem to always get out of there just before you manage to finish them off, or one that survives a seemingly fatal wound. Could make for some interesting follow-on encounters! Not sure how practical it will be for the devs to implement but I do like the idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Idea is fine, but we will probably kill all enemies. as they won’t be running away as queen. Or we will loose / run away so enemy will survive, but in next mission another pool of names for enemy will be generated. So there will be no Eve in next battle. :wink: Unless there will be some bosses in each faction like generals / leaders of haven or something like that.

I can see it if factions have bosses like the pandora virus, more than bosses some kind of vip, high rank officers/priest/whatever they are, maybe not someone with special abilities but someone you have to deal with.

Depends, but I’m pretty sure they’ve mentioned that the bosses can and will try to escape. Another thing would be if they add in something like in Apocalypse where anyone can evacuate the map. I remember enemies in it “fleeing” and how you could then actually find them in the surrounding buildings. And while PP isn’t going to set in a manner that would let you search like that, it would allow for enemies to pop up in future battles if they so chose.