Soldier Roster Edition

just wanted to ask that if you bought the Soldier Roster Edition where I can mention the name I want there?

Thanks for any future replies.

You will be asked for the name that you want to enter into the RNG database by Snapshot directly via email at a later date.
This will not happen until the game is fairly close to release though, so a little patience is yet required.

Thank you very much.

Will it be a name only or may be nickname too? Nationality? Background story? May be it could affect personal stats?

It will be first name, nickname/callsign and last name.


In addition to what our dear community manager said, we will also be able to give either our real name or a (non-offensive) name of our choice, so for example our online persona would be okay as well.

why no background story on the characters?

Background stories will be created dynamically by our writing team. It would be almost impossible to ensure that user submitted background stories would fit in with the lore of the game.

would like to be able to set nationality and hometown though


That might be a possibility! To the feedback section!

Please that would be awesome!

Because that’s just an entry into the name random generator for non-unique team members, i.e. they do not have a backstory.

May we provide a details for the story? Just common details writers can use?

@spolokh Unfortunately not. We’re writing an intricate story and it just isn’t possible to factor in the ideas of individual players. We do have a small number of high level crowdfunding backers who are having characters created as Haven leaders, but they are each having to work very closely with our writers to make sure they fit within the lore and tone of the game.

Nickname rights? Awesome! Is there a limit to how long the name can be? I am considering buying for a friend but his full name is; First Name: XXXXXX XXX Last Name: XXXXX XXXXX. So a total of 21 characters for first and last name with spaces included.

At the moment we still need to set and confirm what the character limit will be. However, we will make it as reasonable as possible so that most names can be accomodated.

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Thank you for all the replies. Lifts a lot of questions. I also think the nationality thing is a good idea :slight_smile:

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