Make independent factions into minor factions

There’s lots of independent factions within the game at present, but what do they represent?

As it stands they all feel like cardboard cutout version of each other, I feel like it would make no different to the game if they weren’t even there.

It might be more interesting and add flavour to the world if they were put together into small groups and named as minor factions rather than each being entirely independent.

Does the Pandorans attack independent havens? Is there any other interaction between them and the other factions? I can’t say I would have seen such.
Would be also cool to have more unique equipment from independent havens.

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yes, they attack everyone But when we come to defend, there is no one to help us.
It’s a good idea of rare loots.

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You get some events on some of them (only the first time you get there ?). They’ll ask us what we think about NJ, Syn, Anu. I once had a NJ spy event which turned out pretty well with bonus reputation and the spy joining my ranks.