General game points

Hi Developers,

Just a little feedback, having played XCOM2 and finding it enjoyable, I thought I might add a few pointers.

  1. The layout of the game so far is quite closely reminiscent of XCOM2, including how the notification tabs look like. Any way to change the form of the boxes and buttons to give the game its own unique feel?

  2. I was thinking about the factions, and as you take out each faction, it might be interesting to end each faction with a big boss battle. Each boss may represent what each faction is all about, but please don’t just make it a re-skin of the alien kings or chosen battle from XCOM2.

  3. It would be interesting if we had actual characters that we care more about, for example following the story of the head of each faction, getting to know who they really are in person, through cut scenes or dialog. XCOM2 had only very brief looks into the characters on how they feel, what motivates them etc, and I think PP has a lot more potential lore wise to flesh out a really good story.

Just some thoughts for the devs, thanks!

You won’t be taking out the other factions. It’s not the objective of the game and in most cases will be impossible. You may end up hostile with one (or all factions), but they’re far too large for you to take out.

Each faction does have their own leaders which have been explored in the lore on our website and through our ebooks. You will have dealings with them during the game and discover more about them. It is very unlikely that we will have cutscenes - we don’t have the resources for that.

The UI is still being worked on, but the choice to quite closely resemble XCOM was a deliberate one. We are aware that the game is going to appeal to XCOM players and we wanted the interface to be instantly recognisable for an easier transition.

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I didn’t really expect 3d cutscenes a la FiraXcom, but narrative cutscenes with text and images, possibly light aftereffects animations are on the table or not?

I’m also fine with 2D pictures “with movement” like in battletech, but these need some voice acting though.

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Yeah like in old famous Fallout 2… That gave a mood!

I don’t like those. They look cheap always. Just plain stationary image with voicing looks much more solid.

I didn’t really expect 3d cutscenes a la FiraXcom

I’m still hoping for monster reveal 3d animations on the 1st encounter (but only on the 1st, never after). Like a small presentation. I don’t think this is too costly.

I have seen my fair share of cheap looking animations, but some studios manage to do really tasteful stuff that way. While it’s certainly cheaper and technically easier than fully fledged 3d cutscenes, it probably doesn’t take less talent and skill to make it look beautiful.


Hi developers,

Thanks for the replies! And thanks to all the people in the community who gave suggestions too.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to circumvent issues with cutscenes, and a few notable examples came to mind.

  1. The moving still picture.
    I believe someone in the thread did mention this example. It’s been done to great effect in some recent games, e.g. Battlefleet gothic, endless space, and with some good voice acting can achieve the necessary effect.

  2. The briefing room.
    This was used to good effect in older games like the original starcraft, you can use still portraits (I believe your website has a rather striking portrait of the new jericho leader), a moving dialogue scroll and voice acting. For the screens each faction can use a different monitor/transmission device, e.g. New jericho using a radio box similar to a military transmitter, disciples a sort of conch shell a-la spongebob reference of the talking conch.

  3. The hologram conference
    If you could make in game models of characters, they can be used as “holos” that can be used for briefings, story interactions, etc with a few emotive movement animations.

I hope these suggestions can help, and if you need voice actors why not ask the community to chip in? I’m sure many would love to do impressions or one liners. Thanks!

and if you need voice actors why not ask the community to chip in?

Obviously because community lacks voice actors .)

If you look at Twitter, it appears one of the animators has created something like that for the Queen.