Frenzied Acid Myrmidons

Sweet Jesus I hate the damn things.


Yes there’s a real issue here other than simply ‘they’re horrible to fight’. They’re little winged bugs, why is their base movement so high in the first place? And the 1 AP melee attack for something that does about 100 damage, cmon that’s a bit of a joke when everything else is 2AP.


Oh, I don’t mind that part so much; it adds a totally different tactical challenge, and forces me to set up OW to watch the skies, which I like. However, when they’re frenzied, holy hell are they a pain to deal with, because they can reach you from across the battlefield before you even know they’re there.


Frenzy is just overpowered in general. It’s OP when the player uses it, and it’s a pain in the neck when the enemies get to use it. You could cut its effect in half and it’d still be good enough to use.


It’s really out of control in mid-late game because pretty much everything is already freaking fast.


Very nice adding to the game. Pandoras needed a buff against PP.

So I took a screen cap in game and used the bug reporting tool to draw the path the little mongrel took. I’ve counted it - looks like he moved about 15 squares then attacked… which would mean his full move is 20.

Maybe they don’t start with that high movement, but this may explain why they stop using their wings pretty quickly. Their base move speed quite literally is maxed out for normal human stats.

1: This makes no sense for a winged crawly little insect thing.
2: This brakes the in game theme of the units. If they aren’t going to buzz in anymore they lose the very idea of what they are as an enemy
3: what’s with the lazy hit boxes on these guys? they have 3 body parts (no head, even though they have a head, no legs, even though they have legs, just wings and ‘body’).

to enable easy overwatch disabling of body :wink: If there would be separate head and legs, overwatch often would end up disabling someting else than we desire.

I did the obvious thing, moused over the guy to see his movement stats. 24. So it’s even dumber than I thought.