My feedback after a day of play

I apologize for the language because I speak very bad English so i write in french and i’ll let you google translate.

Je ne sais pas à quelle niveau de progression du jeu vous nous laissez jouer. Donc je vous donne mon avis sur ce que j’ai vu.

  • Une mission " scavenging site " qui ne se valide pas après avoir tuer tout les aliens.
  • La mission " Find and capture an AI " de Tobias West ne passe pas le premier tour alien et en plus, elle a l’aire horriblement difficile avec le niveau d’armement du début. 6 soldats contre des Arthrons, desTritons, 2 sirens et 2 Chirons cracheurs de larves.
  • La vitesse de propagation du virus semble rapide par rapport à la recherche et la récupération des blessures, on perd très vites des sites alors que les soldats et le matériels n’ont pas le temps de se renouveler.
  • Il manque d’effet visuel, les compétences CY, BS, BB, ISR par exemple, devrait avoir un effet visuel et une aura autour du personnage affecter.
  • La base semble ne servir à rien en comparaison à UFO ou Xcom, c’est juste un onglet avec des carrés avec des images, aucun attrait pour aller cliquer dessus.
  • Les pistolets des tritons sont purement cheat, à 40m, ils touchent tout. Le pistolet est une arme de dernier recourt à très courte portée.
  • Au niveau équipement, des fumigènes, différents types de grenades, un lance roquette.
  • Le visuel des classes n’est pas top et facilement compréhensible. Dans Xcom, on pouvait mieux comprendre les systèmes de classe. Dans PP, c’est brouillon et mélanger

Voila pour le moment.

Sorry again, for the french.

  • A mission “scavenging site” that does not validate after killing all the aliens.
  • Find and capture an AI" mission does not next the first alien turn, and in addition, it has a terribly difficult area with the early armament level. 6 soldiers against Arthrons, Tritons, 2 Sirens and 2 Larger Chirons.I am aware that blocking is in several random mission
  • the speed of spread of the virus seems fast compared to search and recovery of wounds, sites are quickly lost while soldiers and equipment do not have time to renew themselves.
  • It lacks visual effect, CY skills, BS, BB, ISR for example, should have a visual effect and an aura around the character affect.
  • The base seems useless compared to UFO or Xcom, it’s just a tab with squares with images, no attraction to click on it.
  • The guns of the newts are purely cheat, at 40m, they touch everything. The pistol is a weapon of last resort at very short range.
  • At equipment, smoke, different types of grenades, a rocket launcher.
  • The visual class is not top and easily understandable. In Xcom, we could better understand class systems. In PP, it’s rough and mix.

Sorry for my english


Second play of day.

  • Like some, I find myself with a soldier running backwards.
  • Blockages in backup loading.
  • Animations that react with a delay. Counter-offensive reactions.
  • I read that there was a deliberate imbalance of the game’s production team. The evolution of the virus seems very fast and some attacks can not be defended because the progress circle is already 3/4 red.
  • I can not get to the tree of the soldiers’ skills. I regret that of Xcom.
  • The scarab takes up too much space, it should have a place to him in addition to the soldiers.
  • Instead of a level system, why not put a grade system.
  • To see a radio skill to make a refueling box release.
  • There is not very object to find by exploring the maps. I read that loots are not implanted.
  • the cover are too fragile and the visual of the whole walls of concrete being pulled apart is exaggerated.
  • Could not we have civilians who defend themselves against mutants. We could give them a weapon.
  • I think that an indicator for the range of weapons is missing when selecting an enemy.
  • A technician unit that could deploy drones, turrets or a communication beacon.

+1 I think pretty much everyone who has survived up 'til this point in the PP would have some ability to defend themselves, they’re survivors for a reason.

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Without really being decisive in the strategy, they could occupy the mutants. Heaven defenses resemble other missions.

Read somewhere from developers that we will be able to control civilians once we tag them; so at least they wont stand in the way of my soldiers blocking corridors and doorways

Dunno if they will give them at least a pistol, looks like a good idea, maybe giving a larger penalty if we lose some civilian to disallow the cannon fodder use of them. Jus having them in the corners of the map ready to shoot a single alien, or flee and call for help if outnumbered, will be nice


In xcom 2, the resistants defend themselves and it immersed me more in the mission.

:grin: congratulations. I was never able to get past artificiality of XCOM2.


I do not like buying and not trying games. there were good things in both but prefer the second.
the first cyborgs and psykers missed me.


  • The unit does not turn in the direction of the ow when it is put in place.
  • Crash during the enemy turn.
  • In some situations, the camera is poorly arranged.
  • In some situations, the soldier pulls in his cover when it is whole instead of shifting.
  • Some box does not give loots is this normal ?
  • I still do not understand the system of competence. sniper assault or heavy sniper, what’s that thing ??? Why not make a sniper tree, another heavy etc.
  • The provisions of the bases on the globe, I had 5 in Europe. To start a game to realize that it is not playable after several hours is not fun. They should be placed randomly but on every continent.
  • A soldier was added to my list, but his visual equipment was poorly displayed, he had armor in his inventory while the soldier visually did not have one.


  • I liked in xcom, the suppression shot.
  • The unique inventory for everyone, even moving on a site, it is not normal.