Alien Activity - Return Enemy fire suggestion

I know its “early access” pre alpha build and I dont know how much is gonna change until the final build

But I would like to add a couple of things

First I love the return fire mechanic every time your soldiers or the enemy shoot. But I would like to recommend a option (tick box) for people that feels is too slow, personally in my case it breaks the inmersion of the fights and I would suggest that option to make it more fluid, perhaps to the point to feel it more like a real " firefight"

Plus there are enemys returning fire across the map, behind buildings or returning fire with a full wall in front of them. Which reminds me of “phantom doctrine” broken mechanic, which is stupid unless the aliens have piercing bullets and Xray Vision.

Any thoughts about it ??

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the perception system hasn’t been added yet. It will give each entity a maximum range it can see and therefore return fire in


Nice, that definitely its gonna be a nice change.

Have they talk anything about the camera zooming in and out over the should for every enemy that shoots you back ? That and the camera angles in my opinion are probably the worst part about the mechanic so far.

Not a big fan of the over the shoulder view to be honest

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It has come up and is being worked on. Everything is a work in progress after all.


Yeah, I mentioned this in one of my playthroughs I think, sometimes the camera angles make it tough to see the popups about how much damage is being taken :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome. then Im not the only one :slight_smile:

how many playthroughs have you done so far ? (If you dont mind the question)

I hope that they double check stuff like this as the project advance.

I have seen plenty of games out of “Ea” that ignore problems like this, even if they looks obvious.

I never finished single one (for me it would be reaching all POIs and eliminating all alien bases in a given single moment). But I have started maybe 5 times already just to test things

For me when:

  • there is no experience for soldiers
  • there is no progression in research and manufacturing
  • eliminating alien bases doesn’t really affect aliens (since new bases will show up for sure and mist radius doesn’t decrease)
  • after few scavenge mission you have at least one copy of all possible items

there is not much point in playing more than few hours. But starting new game is quite intense when you don’t have Grenade Launchers, Shotguns and Stun Rods or even PX Pistols. And you don’t know what is around you.

And I don’t like that unlimited return fire. But well it was disscused in many threads.

Good, they see way to far dude. Ha ha.