My DL2 + Necronomicon Feedback (Spoiler) - Rookie

Hi there, I arrived at the last mission, so I consider myself ready to write some thoughts down, since last mission is always the same, but the happenings before not.

The Pro`s:

  • DLC2 weapons are innovative
  • Ancient site maps are fun and deliver a nice challenge
  • game offers possibilities to almost any strategy
  • combination with DLC1 works very good
  • Game makes hungry for more, especially DLC 3 - 5
  • Scylla fights are now epic (but maybe a litte bit to many HPs, since Rage-Burst doesn`t work anymore)

The Con`s:

  • Especially the Forge is massively bad designed (Enemys that can create protection aura with unlimited stacks??? WTF?!)
  • Let me find already explored ancient places quickly by a search system or something
  • ancient sites and processing buildings get retaken by factions and Pandorans within hours! (not even days, hours!); No way to defent this, if playing with one main team or without using console
  • detection of alien bases makes successful defense of a haven necessary, but especially in lategame those mission expire within 1-3 hours in the mist (ingame)
    –> even with 10 teams not doable in lategame; you just won`t find that colonies (Thus PP ending not reachable that way)
  • last mission is still boring, time consuming and unfair (Mark of the Void)
  • I did about 30 Theft missions against NJ + ANU and still didn`t got enough ressources for more then 2 teams (2nd team not well equipped)
  • Buidling a good team is WAY too expensive
  • Sabotage missions are boring, since you shoot the same kind of buildings 10 times x 10 buildings. Thats about 100 times doing the same again.
    –> Please reduce to 3 or 4 buildings to destroy or give us an auto-destroy option to destroy the sabotage buildings after every enemy is down .
  • Rage burst is now a completely useless ability, that makes me rethink, if I ever spend SP on it anymore
  • Let Soldiers in training centers gain some SP every hour or so (would make rising 2nd and 3rd team a lot more attractive)

Don`t get me wrong: I habe no problem playing with 2 or 3 teams. I do it on Xenonauts all the time. But it es WAY too time consuming to go that way. Especially, when raiding missions are mostly the same each time.
Almost every time the same mission

2.: PP ist fantastic. Even when I wrote more cons, I like this game very much. I want to criticise constructively, to make a very good game even better.


Even if I cannot agree with all points, I think your feedback is all in all on point.
Keep the head up, it will go on :slight_smile:

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