Last missions sucks so badly (Spoiler)

I fought 3 hours through the first room with my Anu troops.

Finally, finally, got rid of all Chirons and guess what??
8 Arthrons in the final room. And almost all of them with the grenade arm.

This is NO fun, since my ammo is half down and I have no idea how to deal with the Boss AND the 8 Arthrons in the same time maintaining my ammo somehow.

Whoever designed that last mission had no idea of a good game design.
Sorry for being pis… off about that.

2 weeks of playtime to face this?

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In my opinion the last Mission was (too) easy. Lost no soldiers only some injured. The final Boss did not make any damage. Dont know if it was a bug. I mind controlled two bomb chiron from the First room and Made a firework in the second room with them. The scyllas in the First room just bursting away. The enemies in the First room Bombed with Thor away. Lovely firework. And my technican build up some weapons also some spiders. And i use my priest to mind crush the enemies through the First Wall. Little Cheese. Easy going.
In the second room my snipers killed the athrons and the sirens… After all all enemies were dead and only the Boss was left. Only that the reinforcements were able to shoot in the turn they appeard was a bad Design decission.