My summing up after beating the game (major Spoiler)

  • Base missions shouldn`t occur every 25-30 hours

  • Base missions should have rewards by ressources

  • Enemy turn lasts too long on crowded maps

  • Reduce costs of recruits dramatically, since I can`t save every base without them

  • Game should be a lot easier on first difficulty

  • maps on 1st and 2nd difficulty shouln`t be so crowded

  • Haven defense missions should include faction troops

  • it seams, only sniper weapons deal good and accurate weapons

  • other weapons don`t breach through the armor

  • late game not balanced; most weapons are not effective

  • I lack a list of my bases, where clicking on them brings me directly to the base

  • recruits should be transportet to a transporter or base of my choice

  • soldiers should be able to transfer bases by click

  • make the Elite-classes more effective, since now you mostly rely on only Snipers

  • Last mission: Completely unbalanced: Only with luck all the enemies came in a way, that I can take them one by one. Mortars tend to appear way too often and can bombard even the foreroom

  • Big Boss has WAY to many HP. About half of it would be enough

  • Killing Alien Colonies has absolutely no effect towards Base Defence occurance. Please change this

  • last boss can inflict up to 100 damage??? Are you kidding me?

  • Game and especially massed missions and last mission force casual players like me to save scum a lot (and I beat XCOM 2 on normal/ironman; no chance here for me for an ironman game

  • Save scumming feels to necessary for me

  • doors: let me decide, when I open them

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Agree, it’s not a challenge, it’s just boooooringly looooonnng (just did it and then found out that my sniper who had died was the one transporting the beacon - even longer).

The way it works:

  • Yuggothian Entity marks one of your soldiers each turn
  • Each soldier takes damage for each soldier marked soldier within 5 tiles

How to avoid damage? Either::

  • have a priest to protect against psychic damage in 10 tiles
  • have marked soldiers far enough from other soldiers
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This games is WAY harder then XCOM 2.

No problem, if this is so with the last 2 difficulties. But already on the first?..

I agree with most but not with this one:


I finished the game on easy and had only one base defense mission. It could be bug that you got so many or it could be that you didn’t find bases from where attacks originated.

If this is the case then it is a bug.

One more thing:

  • give me information, if abilities are passive oder active.

weird, I did not have so much difficulties as you describe.
I also only use 2 snipers per team. 2 heavies and 1 priest at least to counter the psychic damage / panic.

Base missions do tend to get less once you start clearing out the Pandoran lairs/citadels. In my game I only get them once every 10 days or something. Though I have to reload to a save a day earlier because most of the time a plane is not nearby enough to save the base.

I do agree that new recruits going to the nearest base if your plane is full is a bit of annoying.

“weird, I did not have so much difficulties as you describe.
I also only use 2 snipers per team. 2 heavies and 1 priest at least to counter the psychic damage / panic.”

Weird, I only play 2-3 hours a day maybe… but restarted 4 games and as soon as I hit the week mark (maybe 21-22 hours into game…I send my troops in, they immediately kill about 3 of my troops in full cover and take out about 3-4 resources in their first turn. And I am playing novice. I understand RPGs and did all the XCOM series on iron man…but this is massive ridiculous on my games that wipes out half my team in fulll cover on the aliens 1st or second turn.

Fully agree. Cover seems so obsolete.

First of all there is no “Full Cover” - there is “High Cover”. Unless you talk about cover where you don’t have any line of sight to the enemy and enemy doesn’t have it to you. But if you talk about it then it means that enemy is using explosive attacks or he simply flanks you. Cover then is not much worth and you position your soldiers badly.

Cover in many cases is the thing that keeps my soldier alive. :stuck_out_tongue: So it doesn’t even seem to be anything else than useful.

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is it?

from my perspective cover was hardly ever really useful when I played, and I have been keeping tabs on the updates and no significant changes have been made to cover.

very few pandoran enemies even care about cover, crab grenades and spit doesn’t care, melee attacks don’t care, psychic attacks don’t care. what does this leave…tritons with player guns, NPC’s and a single pandoran MG.

now your comment is already leaning on the “if the enemy is in range to use explosives, melee or psychic attacks you are doing it wrong” this is a cop-out, as it implies that these attacks should not require a form of defense…and on the same level as “if the enemy even has the chance to attack, you are doing it wrong” (as that is the cop out to requiring any form of defense). naturally good tactics limits or even eliminates the enemy ability to counterattack…but one of these options should be cover, and cover is barely stopping any pandoran attack.

the game leans very much on the same tactic that is extremely effective in the newer X-coms and that is simply rushing everything to death with abilities, this is often the best tactical move. there is no real chance for more extensive tactical play (as in having a back-and forth of shots) as you simply cannot keep enemies alive unless they are on the other end of the map because they use abilities that outright ignore defenses and they don’t or hardly care about their own safety. (overrun or shred armor and ignore cover, and they often yolo up to player controlled soldiers to get a hit in…only to be out of actions after 1 hit and standing at point blank range)

Yeah, we hear you, bro. We’re useless to the society. No one needs a tactical veteran anymore. We meet every Thursday at 8 PM.

On the serious note (or is it?!): Funny thing, low cover is much more useful than high cover. :stuck_out_tongue: Enemy prefers to shoot you if you’re already partially exposed (yet still in cover) because it has LoS to you. If you’re behind high cover, enemy has no LoS and will most likely rush behind your cover to shoot you in a face. :slight_smile:

You are right, I didn’t say it isn’t like that. Mostly you need to dispatch enemies using your uber combos and not let them be too close or flank you. But when cover is taken into account it is best what you get. :slight_smile: In my playthrough when my soldiers cannot utilize cover I use meta-skills just to bring back balance to the tactics. :slight_smile: I want this game to be balanced in the way where cover will still mean something most of the time.

I just finished the game with Anu and Synedrion too, only PP ist left (which I will wait, until DLC 1 is out).

What makes me wonder most, why do some faction have some technology, they don`t need?

For example: Anu needs captives for Muthagen, but Synedrion has the Athena SR.

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