Corrupt Node mission feedback

General feedback. I’ve just done the first mission, not sure if it’s a chain or these missions are just going to pop up randomly about the place. This will include some spoilers.


  1. New map tiles look good.
  2. The inclusion of units pre-mind fragged is a great idea, and possibly something to introduce into more missions. Has a fun feel to it, and makes a lot of sense in the environment.
  3. The final engagement with the testic… corrupt node is interesting with the worms and stuff all springing on you. Took some serious damage from that surprise.


  1. The corrupt node’s virus attack doesn’t seem to do anything, or it doesn’t use it, not sure which it is.
  2. Lazy hitboxes - much like some of the other later additions which have had a very poor effort on hitboxes (myrmidons, umbras) this model is one blob with locations able to be individually targeted. The locational hit boxes are a unique feature of the game, if you stop making things which use your unique features then you don’t have those features.
  3. The nodes reliance on the pillars means there’s only 1 place on the map it could be. In future to prevent the worm surprise I could just blow a hole in that building and execute it at a safe distance (cheese), or if you make the node itself dynamically attach to different environment points it would be less predictable so harder to cheese.

I’ve tried blowing up the walls. Only the Synedrion mission has weak walls (and it’s still by far the hardest infested haven mission). The Anu and NJ buildings are quite tough.

Well that’s another way to deal with it - good to know its thought of.

Honestly I don’t want my comment to be seen as all negative though, I really did like that mission, I just didn’t like the grand finale of it feeling a little unfinished.

The infested haven missions are fun. The Synedrion one is a real a**-kicker.

The corruption node needs LOS to do damage, so it’s not really a threat unless you leave yourself visible after firing.