DLC 2: Too much attacks from enemys

It is really frustrating, when you manage to win a fight from a DLC 2 mission, then loose 2 of that sites within 3 days to Pandorans and Factions.

Please limit that. Even base retialations weren`t so frequent.

I agree that the attacks on the ancient sites happened very often and also sometimes pretty short one after another.

On the other side I found the defence of such a site not that hard. A Cyclops helps me a lot as a bullet sponge with a hard hitting (but slightly inaccurate) laser gun and with its stomping ability when enemies are close.
Actually I build this one Cyklops per site before I build any weapon.

Yeah, we need more ships and recruits. I also acually don’t know how to handle this the best way. I’m struggeling from mission to mission with only 2 teams and have no time to build a really needed third one.
On Veteran difficulty as always :wink:

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Yeah, then you build that Cyclops, and…loose it, because no defending troops available nearby.

My second team is always near my sites, luckily they are not splitted around the world. I got all 3 mines and facilities and almost in a good reach from my starting base where my Manticore waits with some training recruits (Edit: +2 veterans). The 24 hours warning is time enough to even get my A-Team in their Helios back if they are not on the other side of the world.

And AGAIN: Conquered an Orichalcum mine: Pandoran attack on it within 32 hours. WTF?

My first 2 ancient sites are already in enemy hands.

That is no fun! It needs to be redesigned.

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You should get back the first two sites before you engage the third one. It seems to me that your global strategy kills your fun … maybe you want too much too early or too fast? Calm a bit down and do one thing after another. Do you have a second team? If not then forget the ancient sites for a while and concentrate on that goal. You will really have a very hard time without multiple teams.

I have no time nor the ressources for a second team. Sorry.

Again, then forget the ancient sites for a while, concentrate on getting resources and a second team. Without that you will hardly have fun with this game, honestly, it will punch you all the time.

What is your in game time?


OK, that seems to me quite a bit to late to form a second team. You can maybe get it done, but it will be difficult. I don’t think you will get all the new ancient stuff without more teams, you can try it, but it could be not really funny, rather stressful.

For future campaigns I can only recommend that you focus on more recruits and planes early on. This game is not designed to be played through with just one team. You can probably do it, but certainly not with a lot of fun, but rather with a lot of effort and stress.

I can’t tell you whether your current campaign can still be saved, it seems to me already lost for you … maybe.

Nah, it shouldn`t be that bad. Population is down to 70 % only. 65 % still left.

Then try it, but honestly, get this second team as fast as possible.

Consider yourself lucky. 5 times in a row I had simultaneous PP base attacks and Ancient site attacks.

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Ok, without a 2nd team you can`t get DLC 2 weapons atm, since you need to hold at least 2 sites conquered.

That is impossible with one team, since the rediculous attacks on the processing sites keep spamming no less then 8 hours after you left the site.

Simple solution: Don`t let sites be retaken for about 72 hours or so.

I’m wondering if the other factions get any advantages when they take over one of my ancient sites. If not I’m seriously considering to hold those sites only as long as I absolutely need for manufacturing an item and simply give them up in between.

They don’t manufacture weapons, or increase their strength controlling those sites, and it’s a shame because it was suggested, you could donate/trade these sites if you don’t need them for resources, REP or making factions stronger to defend their havens

Thansk for the feedback. We will reduce frequency of attacks on ancient sites and also make ancient site missions easier in a hotfix next week.