My BB4 Feedback

Hey there, here my Feedback:

First of all, it is really nice to see the progress made from the previous BBs!

  1. Weapons
  • The Hel II Cannon is awesome, compared to others maybe a bit too strong, but please don’t decrease the range.

  • Flamethrower could need a bit more range, it would be nice to choose between a large but small flame burst or a short flame to hit multiple targets on a wider spread.
    I would more likely see a Flamethrower like this one here:

  • Comparison PP and New Jericho Assault + Sniper Rifle, well balanced for range/dmg/rounds.

  • Is it a bug? The Mech Arms don’t do damage, just stun (yes with the skill electric strike).

  • The Medkit should have at least 2 charges.

  • NJ Machine Gun still sucks hard with the low range! The typical heavy wears heavy armor so you have low movement, combined with the 75% action cost and the low range of 9, it is not worth picking this in any case! The high damage is useless compared with an assault with a lot of willpower and exertion with good mobility and high range.

  • PDW is ok but only because of the 25% action points.

  • Auto Turret also not really helpful in most cases, maybe it will be fun with the master skill “turret combo” against the Queen or other very strong aliens. If you move forward on the map the turret is wasted.

  • PP vs. NJ Grenade, why does the NJ Grenade just to 1 less damage without any other benefits? Less dmg, higher radius or effective range, does not matter, atm there is no use for it.

  • Scrapping Items is great!

  1. Armors
  • Will it be possible to use all Armor parts from all classes like now? Would be really nice!
  • But the Armor stats should be changed a bit from PP to NJ, some are a way too similar e.g. Sniper Legs and some don’t make sense e.g. PP Sniper Body Armor -3 Speed (the Heavy has -2 speed!).
  1. Refuel System
    That’s fine now compared with BB3.

  2. Soldier XP / Skills

I like it, but if lvl 7 will be the maximum, the cost should be increased on higher lvls.

  1. Overall difficulty

I have the feeling BB4 is a bit too easy compared to earlier BBs.

  1. GUI
    Soldier Equipment should be more intuitive, maybe:
  • If you click a weapon highlight its ammo.

  • If you drag&drop from body to store it should not switch the items in store or even better you should put an empty store placeholder on top left so you can always drag&drop unwanted items to the store.

  1. World
    I like to explore the new sites, also the decisions to make with the haven leaders, I’m excited to see what can happen.
    Would be nice if there is a chance to trigger new actions with havens you still have visited if something has changed like the diplomatic attitude or so.

  2. Defending Havens
    I would assume they defend it too not me only.

That’s it at the moment!

Seriously? Maybe you had an easy start, but my 6 rookies on first mission had tu run away, because of overwhelming alien forces - crabmen with guns. My soldiers without skills and cover were just like sitting ducks. Next few missions were also painful. Lost 2 men, and that was almost game over. Crabmen are weaker, but you need soldiers with skills to kill them. :wink:

I have to say that I took out every enemy on the map with ease on my 1st mission - Mind you they were all stood round trying to punch their way into a crate and totally ignoring me whilst I was busy reducing them down to bisque. :wink:

Strange. I have read that enemies ignore you while favouring crates, but… It was also resource defence mission for me but more than a half of enemies started to pour their bullets on my soldiers. It was in the mist zone so there was quite many of them. :wink: After 2 turns my soldiers had no cover to hide, and enemies which i have killed were replaced by reinforcements. I had to give it up and run to evacuation zone.

PS. If those were the pincer guys then maybe there would be no problem.

True, they mostly focus on the crates and not you, even if you are shooting on them. Very confusing on me. But that is one of the reaons why it is easier. Haven’t seen them shooting on me if a crate was in their radius.

The whole game is RNG, do you have a good starting point for your HQ? Do you have good Soldiers (skill wise)? Will you get another soldier fast?

I really had no problem from the beginning, haven’t lost 1 soldier yet, but I had to restart like 2 missions cause of bad mistakes. :wink:

I’ve read a lot about crab going for crates, but my crabs attack crates while I’m far away, and focus on me while I’m near, and due do their telescopic super x-ray vision while carrying machine guns, “near” is really subjective.

Maybe it is all connected to weapon range then… the ones I had all were wielding claws. They weren’t interested at all in attacking me, they did use shields to defend themselves though, so they knew that I was there.

So, you have snipers, give them the jet pack and bring them on high ground and the PP assault rifle still have a range of 31. The Hel II Cannon has still a good range with 17 and can one-shot even if you just hit the shield or just use the missle launcher or granade launcher, both have a good range.

I have been having a real tough time with the Hell II Cannon, it’s deadly and very very fun to use if it hits. But I’ll give it a shot using a jetpacked sniper, have yet to experiment with it.

As for grenade launchers, they were so overpowered in BB3 that I just challenge myself in not using them. Don’t know if they were nerfed in some way for BB4.

Yeah, try to give all “ranged” Soldiers the Sniper Helmet and Legs until you can unlock skills with accuracy. My heavy barely misses, just really small targets.

Btw I understand that this is the same Grenade Launcher with some stats changed and rebranded from Firecat to Goliath? We can’t find Firecat, or we can?

Not 100% sure, but it looks like they are the same weapon. As i remember the Firecat was not from NJ, neither the Goliath is.