Brindle's BB4 Feedback

-New environs are gorgeous! The game is progressing in a wonderful direction aesthetically.

-Pretty much everything that was in BB2 or BB3 feels smoother, more polished, and I’m filled with confidence about this game’s trajectory.

-Love the class progression+random progression! I’m excited to see what sort of fun stuff the final game will have that plays with that. (A reroll function?)

-Giving the melee crabmen headspit nicely invalidates the tactic of running up and shooting their pincers off at the elbow without greatly changing their tactical profile, and makes them feel like the weird gross boys they are. This change between BB3 and BB4 feels like the kind of thing the game is going to do on her own once the AI mutation thing is set up, right?

-When I fire the sniper’s revolver into cover, especially barrels, they tend to rock slightly as though tapped and then vanish entirely. I’m not sure if I’d prefer the destructive power of the revolver be reduced, or if the physics just need to be more dramatic, but right now the disconnect is jarring. (I’m curious what the team’s discussion on the rabbit hole of penetration mechanics looked like)

-My heavy still struggles to actually fire once he gets onto a roof, because the LOS mechanics don’t interact well with elevated cover. A chest high wall on the roof generally blocks his machine gun and exposes his head, the worst of both worlds.

-A lot of abilities work “with compatible weapons” and it’s usually not hard to guess but best practices would probably be to add some kind of indicator about what is and is not a Light Weapon, Mounted Weapon, etc. (Does mounted weapon mean vehicle mounted, or does the shoulder rocket count? What about the robo arms?)

-POW POW NEW CAR BIG ROCKETS :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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-Also now that we’re starting to have personnel lists, equipment lists, and other lists, it’s imperative that every column have filters and sorting (ideally, multi-column sorting, so I can look at the highest level soldiers at this base). Once the spreadsheets are here, they might as well be good ones.

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The functional head spitter was a nasty surprise. I thought that it was neutralized and it had one final trick. The spitter is still way less dangerous, but it has to be accounted for. There’ll be less pincerless crabmen allowed to roam, now.