(Another) BB4 feed back / First thoughts!

I finally got my hands on the BB4 release!

  • I really like the refuelling system. At first I wasn’t sold on the new system but after playing for a while I am. One less point and click that slows the game down. It makes sense with the ‘keep the outposts on side’ concept too.

  • Soldiers are WAY harder to come by in BB4 vs BB3. In BB3 I did use them as cannon fodder more because I could just hire more. Now we are forced to really look after them. I find myself being far more cautious in missions with less YOLO.

  • Perk system looks great and looks to have several good options. I like the skills, options and cross training… but it is just way too easy to get them all straight away. I am assuming it is just for the current build. You want players to get the first ones easy… then really earn the mid-range skills upwards. There are several that are not usable yet (silenced weapons).

  • Landing a bases and getting a pop up story, message, mission, option to give or take… FANTASTIC!! This is perfect and really adds to the game. It turns the havens from just being a a dot on the map to being names, faces and stories… More of this the better.

  • New maps and aliens are both great!

  • The new over watch system works well. You can really setup an ambush now but also get out flanked yourself.

  • End of mission stats are a welcome addition. I never realised how much I read this sort of thing until they were not in BB3.

  • Good to see Civies in the game! They are a little dumb at the moment but will really add to the game later.

  • Crates and supplies in the maps. It’s a good idea but needs to be tweaked a little. It forces the player to push out faster with out camping spawn… but the aliens are a little too obsessed with them at the moment! Aliens need to be more focused on the player than the crates but this will balance out I am sure.

All up so far… BB4 is looking fantastic and the game is really heading in the right direction! Keep up the great work guys! :+1:

One of the things I loved most about xenonauts was the addition of armed civilians (I suppose wotc deserves credit there as well).

So many great moments of missing my last shot on an alien and just dreading the next turn, only for farmer brown to walk around the corner and back blast it with the old 12 Guage. It would be weird if all civs were armed “out in the wild”, but would make a lot of sense for any of them on a paramilitary base in an end of world situation like this.

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I remember when Friaxcom armed the civvies in the terror missions. Made sense for them to be armed in the lore of the game but was also very handy to the player.

I had a few soldier saving moments in that game too where my last shot missed or got a low roll, only for a random red shirt to save my ass with a lucky shot. Really added to the game!

Would make most sense in the Phoenix point lore for them to all be armed. Couldn’t imagine many people lasting in the game world with out being armed.