Mutoids - no suitable equipment? And tips and builds too

Okay so I’m trying out mutoids and I’m having the weirdest issues.

Attacks like injecting strike or the syphon skill, I select the hand and when I go to the ability it says “no suitable equipment”. My guys have hands, they’re at full health, I’ve tried berserkers with hammers and swords and assaults with assault rifles, but always “no suitable equipment” in red.

What am I doing wrong?

Also I wanted to ask what are some neat mutoid combos you’ve tried? Like beyond just boom blast and fire worms.

What are some ability combos you love?

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The same happened to me, the very first time I tried using that skill. The second time I tried I was able to use it, maybe because my mutoid was already placed next to the enemy. I think the “no target available” message was misplaced by the “no suitable equipment” one.

To my disappointment, my mutoid technician only dealt only 14 point damage and no bleeding was applied, maybe because the arthron I was trying to make bleeding had more than 14 armour? Perhaps it would be better using this skill with the heavy’s brawler skill.

Anyway, these are my favourite mutoid combo so far:

  • Infiltrator class with double perception and pain chameleon: the perfect scout

  • Technician class with instill frenzy and remote placement: stays behind cover, places turrets and unleashes
    pumped up teammates all over the map

  • Another combo I would like to try: a sniper with jump skill, to get him/her on top of the building sooner