Mutoid technician Field Medic don’t work

Mutoid technician with Field Medic ability can’t repair body parts

Mutoid technician Field Medic don’t work | Voters | Phoenix Point

I assume that Mutoid technician uses VVA-2 arms, and you select the “hand” , clicking 5, Mutoid skills on tactical, bottom right, Field Medic is located there. And funny thing it costs only 1 AP instead of 2 AP for regular technicians.
It works for me.

Also sometimes that icon disappear, known bug, but I don’t know if SG is fixing it, we don’t receive that kind of information

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Well… i really don’t know because it happened more than a month ago, and in my campaign i deleted all mutoids of my game after some time using it and decided to use only humans so i can´t check now (just use only one save).

When i was playing my campaign i just wrote in the moment some errors or suggestions that i noticed at the time and only now, after finished it i am publishing it all… i really don’t remember well about this situation but i am sure i could not restore a body part to other teammates with a full upgraded tech mutoid with mech arms on it because i didn’t see that option in the menu as i use to see in human techs. Maybe i did not click the hand :roll_eyes:.