I wish mutoids could pick any skill below their current level as their choice

Like the subject, mutoids are pretty neat, but I wish we had a bit more freedom, like if you want dash and brawler, you can’t have both, even even if you’d be willing to give up a rank 3 or rank 4 skill to get it.

Now maybe that would be OP, but it’s not like they have rapid clearance etc so they don’t get the top skills anyway so probably not?

But I find some of their pandoran melee skills a bit underpowered so I was just thinking it would be fun to have more mix and match options.

And to clarify, I mean skill trees they’ve already got access to. Like they can have a level 5 skill or they could give that up for a level 2 or 4 if they wished, but they couldn’t get more than 1x level 5 or 2x level 4s etc.

But you could jump and use psychic scream at the same time etc.

I find mutoids underpowered both immediately and long term.

First, they are basically vehicles in sense that deploying them is waste of mission reward SP.
Second, they just don’t come anywhere close in power to late game dual classers (and make you less capable of developing these due to SP loss).
No healing is just icing on the cake.

Exactly my thoughts, and I know they aren’t supposed to be. They’re cheaper clone type troops.

BUT if they could mix and match a little more you could have some damn cool combinations that still wouldn’t make them A tier like a rapid clearance guy, but they would be a lot of fun and fit into a good squad just the same.