Make unusable items unequipable

Please make items not usable also not equipable. Also it would be nice if there was a description somewhere for special uses of items (like the heavy can use the rocketlauncher to jump. i had to find out the hard way that only HE could use the rocketlauncher, and also that he needed that item to jump. Also only technician can make melee attacks with welders, but everyone can use it to weld/heal)

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Are you sure only heavy can fire missiles, and only technician can melee attack? :slight_smile: Just kidding :wink:

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no, it could have been a bug.
As i tried the challenge (from the guide book/pdf) where i could only use 1 soldier, first tried to use the guy that can exert for extra actionpoints and gave him the welders. he used them to heal himself, but as i tried to hit an alien with them i i could not do it (was right next to him with enough actionpoints, clicked electrocute but could not select the alien as target).
next try i used the technician and gave him the rocketlauncher (mostly to weaken the queen). once i cleared out all the normal aliens and i was kiting the queen i equiped the rocketlauncher and could not fire it. Fortunately i had enough grenades and was able to pick up a machinegun on the way later to finish her off.

Well technician can’t use missile launcher, but others can in some situations (this is probably due to different armor structure, or a bug)
Mech Arms electric strike really looks like only usable by technician.