Mutogs - what's the point?

I just built my first mutog. I put it in a scout craft I use with a couple of soldiers. Sure enough - they got ambushed after a while.

It seems like this might have been useful earlier in the game, but I only recently got the mutog tech.

I used the regenerating basher mutog, and it just seems useless. It does minimal damage and simply gets swarmed by aliens.
A rocket vehicle would have been way more powerful without needing to wade right into the fray.

am I misunderstanding or misusing it?

But aren’t they cute? :smiley:
They are “vehicle” for the “mutant” faction. That’s pretty much the whole point.

Not sure for those you “build” but the Mutog you buy is a worm mass killer.

It eats worms in one attack (despite worms have higher Hp), and gain 2AP. It is a bit difficult to move but it can chain kill worms. Ain’t that cool?

He is ok as cannon fooder but two vehicles are much better for that.

You can try make it kill stuff so it heals too and benefits of the 2AP but its attacks are too low damages so it’s hard.

Still experimenting around. There should be something Priest, but nothing obvious.

What kind of Mutog have you tried with worms and which type of attack does he use to eat them? =)

Lol looks great isn’t it? it’s always the same when I buy one, not sure it can be build.

After a check none of those you can build match. It has 840HP but looks like Ninkashi and has head/tail attacks like Gugud. It’s with the tail attack but instead it just eats the worm, in fact the tail doesn’t do enough damages to kill a worm sigh, so it’s special.

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