Mutagens. Any alternative use?

Can mutagens be used for anything other than mutating your troops?

So, if I don´t want to do that - no reason to pick up mutagen crates …?

I’m not aware of any other use. It’s a shame you can’t trade it with Anu for other resource types, but I’m not sure if Anu uses mutagens for their mutations, lore-wise.

To bad. Would have made sense.

Thank you.

nope, there isnt any… same way as there is no other use for new LOTA materials outside of manufacturing those specific weapons…

You can build Mutogs, if you have the tech from Anu, to help out in base defence or fill out a new team but not sure how much value that actually has.

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personally, i consider mutogs to be just a waste of space in manufacturing page…

Yeah, not been massively impressed so far with them. A bullet sponge that bleeds and loses limbs and then panics isn’t doing its job very well.