Mutogs can't extract after a 3 days ambush

Hi :slight_smile:
As the title say, i encountered this bug in 3 occasions already (same game but on different spots)
I did also reported it in F12 but i put it here for the record in case other people encouter this :slight_smile:

A mutog cannot use the evac button when his team got ambushed. Everyone can extract but him, leaving him to his fate.

Once the mutog die from infinite ennemi spawn, the game will say that the mission is finished and report him as dead, then once the global planet map should launch, nothing. Just an empty planet without ui nor anything that can move. The game crash and never recover.

3 times happened, 3 time same scenario, ambushed with a mutog on board -> no extraction available for him -> death of the beast -> crash game on the geomap.

Same here.

I just encountered this bug as well