Ambush bugs - Evac while enemy mind controlled, and auto save

I’ve discovered that if you mind control an enemy during an ambush the mind control continues after you evac the guy who did the mind controlling in the first place.

This wouldn’t be an issue in itself, but you cannot evac someone who is mind controlled (ie you can’t use this mechanism to capture them like you can in other maps), the enemy doesn’t target their own mind controlled units even when attacked (which seems like another bug in it’s own right), and when I suicided the unit with some explody barrels the game crashed (another bug but possibly related if this condition isn’t handled).

Unfortunately I couldn’t upload the error report due to a web client error.

I did discover on reloading, the auto save detects that you’ve completed the scan of the location, and you can choose whether or not to deploy to the ambush… which seems like another bug, and can be exploited to avoid ambushes.