Game locked on the planetary when a battle is finish ( cause : player lost a mutog in the battle )

This night, I have 2 times the same things, after a battle, the game don’t give the status ( I think ever ressources on the map was destroy ) and hang on the planetarium with no action possible.
the game made a save how produce the same thing.

Same here. After mission i have freeze in geospace, before i saw mission rewards screen.
When i loaded save from mission and finished it again i have same problem.
In my case it was Bastion defence - and mission objectives was not destroyed (not all).

I’ve seen the issue of sitting on the geoscape with no UI a few times, it can be reliably reproduced by ending a mission with a dead Mutog, did that happen in your mission? Every time I’ve had that bug, if I try again but keep the Mutog alive the bug doesn’t happen. Until the bug is fixed, never take a mutog on a plane that’s exploring because if you get ambushed, they can’t extract and you are forced to leave them until they die (which causes the bug to happen).

Same for me, effectively, I lost a Mutog in the mission every time I have the bug

Same for me - Mutog died and game got stuck on Geoscape without UI