Another gamebreaker: Geoscape screen frozen

After successfully defending one of my bases, the game took me back to the geo screen. Which was blank and had no mouse pointer. Reported via F12.

Did you have one of your Mutogs K.I.A.?
(I had the same bug once when I’ve lost a Mutog during specops mission).

Yes, I did lose a mutog.

I know one more guy who got the same freeze after mutog death in a mission.
That makes us 3 already. Perhaps it is time to report a bug.

I reported it via F12

This bug is in patch notes for the latest patch :relaxed:

Fixed a game crash when leaving a tactical mission, which was caused by trying to retrieve weapons that are actually body parts of Mutogs, turrets, etc. These will no longer be recoverable.

  • Also, prevents recovering mutated body parts as equipable items.