MUTOG missing ? no 3D module ,no Information

BUG:MUTOG missing

description : I bought a MUTOG from a NPC faction haven, it supposed to be a VEHICLE, but I cant see its module in vehicle menu. And when my squade has been deployed, the MUTOG unit is in the list but it cant be selected by TAB or mouse click. Nothing there on the battleground however there were no crash reports. likely causing silent - unrespond situation if you moved somebody around (get invisible MUTOG collapsed? I dont know…)

I have used verified functions in Epic’s libary menu. NOTHING changed.

So I’m taking this as a minor bug, seems not critical (for now), only makes me curious about what it looks like and how would it perform on the battleground.(I’m a liitle concerned about MUTOG’s presenting in future dynamic generating battles though)

P.S. I didnt aligned or been allied with Disciples of Anu. maybe I cant buy it at first place? I dont know

Can confirm this, i have the exact same problem and when I brought it into a mission it just showed up nothing but a name mutog.