Multiclass Question

So in my mind, if a sniper rolls Sniperist and Thief, the 2nd class is infiltrator, i.e. big damage sniper. If a sniper has Sniperist but lacks Thief, the 2nd class is assault, i.e. cleanup sniper. Then there is this guy:

Thief would point to dual class as infiltrator but, on the other hand, this could also be a very versatile assault. An an assault, judicious use of rapid clearance, quick aim and different types of weapons (ranging from 1 to 3 AP per use) could allow the soldier to convert will into AP, creating something like a terminator build, although one that requires more support from circumstances or the rest of the squad.

So if this was your soldier, what would you multiclass into?

I would not multiclass. But if I would need to then it would be berserker with heavy and assault weapons.

Personally, the dual class infiltrator is just too powerful for me to pass up. Could also use berserker.