Back in to the fray, looking for tips on multiclass builds

Hello everyone.

I played Phoenix Point from the very beginning, when it was released on Epic almost 2 years ago, and went through the various issues and patches, until I quit last year (just before LoA)

Now I have started again to play again the Year One edition and, I must say, i am super happy on my decision. The gameplay is much smoother and rich of content of what i remember, fells like an totally different game (and maybe it is).

Getting on topic, I noticed that now many soldier abilities have been tweaked and that there is new equipment available, so I am looking on some tips for multiclass builds.

The one I remember using where assault/berserker (with shotgun), heavy/sniper (rage burst +marked for death), assault/technician (turret spam) and something with the Priest, but maybe now they aren’t as effective as before.

Right now I have 50+ rep with Anu and New Jericho, but very close to get it with Synedrion too, so I should be able to unlock all classes.

Do you have some tips on the best multiclass build, also with specific equipment/mutation/bionics to use?

Thank you

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Basically, it boils down to one’s play style. I tend to play long distance strike. So I go sniper/infiltrator. Everyone else gets sniper 2nd class. Except techs, which get assault.


Thank you.

Make sense, but do you also use Priest, Bionics or Mutations in your build?

I think that, for example, the NJ bionic legs increase accuracy, which should be useful on a sniper

My Heavies get mutations for accuracy. For priest I mutate for frenzy. Assaults get mounts for motion detecting.