Full play without or with few multi class

Let say that many builds are errors in PP, but that it’s more about squad build too.

In that context I wondered if mono class worth any consideration. It’s clearly a less fun option because of the lack of skills choices. But it’s not plain obvious that it’s a weak option because it allows put quite more points in attributes.

That said suggestions from players are always around multi class, so is mono class always a bad choice?

I think, that in most cases is a must have to use a second class.

I use only Engineers as a one class unit, because, i give them a bit more movement, 18 or 20, some willpower points, 12-15 and a lot of strength, up to 26, so they can carry 4 or 5 turrets. 2 of such guys deals so much damage with so many turrets, thats ridiculous.
Then, rage burst ist so extremly good… or absolut op, that i use the heavy on most of my units as the second class.

To have an assault as a second class can be fine as well, because of the sprint skill or the skill to reload for free. Its funny to have an infiltrator, with the “spider gun” and shots 2 times per round 3 explosive drones on the battlefield. They discover the map und you can just wait with your snipers.

Then i use for my snipers sometimes the infiltrator as the second class. They deal with some perks 330 damge with a shot, as long as they are not detected. Combined with quickshot, you can shot 2 times. Thats better than to have in your option some movement or willpower points more.
Or try to use a heavy/infiltrator or infiltrator/heavy with a grenade-launcher. You can do double damage as well, if you are not detected. Such unit can shot with his skill 2 times a turn, too. And cripples all with one shot.

So, in my opinion, to have more skills/perks, is often the better choice as to have more HP, WP or Movement.

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Yeah, due to the way that the perk system is currently working, single class soldiers are just not an option unfortunately.

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If right this is saying a lot on how attributes are badly designed.

It depends not only the attribut-design. More the effects of perks/skills and the small maps. as long you can use skills multiple-times, movement isnt necessary to max it.
if could change skills i would change some things so: sprint can be used once per turn or it uses one action point additional to the willpower cost. rage-burst should decreases the aiming by 25% or something else, quick aim, no longer reduces an action point, it increases it. Sniper shouldnt be so mobil with it. or they give him another skill “quick shot”, that reduces an action point, but decreases the aiming…
then i think, attributtes should give more or one other bonus and if you you are using one class, it should give an extra bonus or half the bonus that you get from both classes…

I run with some single class soldiers, but only when they come with secondary abilities that really fit how I use them and I don’t feel the need for the extra class.

Dual class soldiers often have significantly lower stats because there are lots more perks to sink points into.

I think Quick Aim needs to decrease the accuracy. That is my suggestion on a fix. It (to me) represents the ability to snap fire your weapon, “quicker” than others. Which would slightly decrease your ability to pinpoint that Triton’s eyeball repeatedly…

Same with Rage burst. Should have a decrease in accuracy, for the added kick your (now fully automatic) cannon/rifle is giving you. It would still be an insanely useful skill, you just couldn’t snipe (as easily) with it.

I am surprised Dash hasn’t been limited to a single use per turn

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Dual classing is usually the best option, but there are several classes that can do well (if not better) at some rolls, staying a single class.

Priests, snipers, assaults, Technicians and infiltrators can do well single class. The added ability to spend points on their attributes can help. Every Priest and Tech I’ve dual classed always ends up super slow, because I can’t spend points on too much speed. (I can be more selective with the Perks to overcome this)

Also, depending on the random character skills rolled, sometimes they’re fine single class