What're your favorite soldier builds

Since Snapshot haven’t provided a forum for post-release dicussions and tips (hint hint, suggestion) and I’ve not seen a thread on this yet…

What are your favorite soldier multiclass builds/ability combos?

I’m finding it hard to go past the mobility of Assault’s Dash, so my soldiers tend to develop as (using my nicknames):


Grunts (Assault/Heavy):

  • Dash + Rage Burst are great for taking out big threats before they can hurt the team too much; with Return Fire & Ready for Action great to keep up steady damage; and Rally Troops + Inspire keeping the team functional.

with some…

Strikers (Sniper/Heavy):

  • All the sniper goodness plus heavy armor torso jump jets to get in position quickly and Rage Burst, again, for the big threats. Plus, once strong enough to carry enough, Strikers have sniper rifles for effective long range contact and heavy weapons for close up hugs.

I’ve yet to get one built in game, but I’m also a fan of the build I saw posted by dsoukup:

Grenadier (Heavy/Berserker):

  • Armor Break + Boom Blast and a grenade launcher ready to melt armor off tough targets; with Ignore Pain reducing the hurt of disabled arms; and adrenaline push adding extra attacks for a round.

I’m sure there must be some other effective combinations I haven’t thought of.

Thanks in advance.

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Yeah hard to get past using dash in a lot of builds.

I am fond of assault/berserker for MC immune shotgun closer, with shred

sniper/infiltrator can be cute, dropping back into stealth for massive sniper shots without burning through ammo - those huge single hits are VERY likely to overcome a slot, and with sniper special that will blow all the armour off the slot leaving a soft spot even on a doom AE splash jerk chiron

i am undecided which class i like to pair with psionicist best, have tried a few with great success, but no clear standout … yet

Assult/Infiltrator with 100% stealth, rapid clearance, sneak attack and all the good stuff.
Basically clears everything solo - especially with NJ piercing assault rifle. Use any infiltrator that does not come with the 25% sneak perk as sniper. At that range Sneak Attack pretty much always works for the 100% damage boost.

I don’t use any other classes except those 2 in my current game and it’s pretty broken.

I know it isn’t all that flashy, but an Assault/Sniper with an Assault Rifle can be really strong. The basic Assault Rifle can do 180 damage if the full 6-round burst hits against 0 armor. If you get 4 of those in a turn using “Quick Aim” with good accuracy, against a shredded enemy… you can really kick some alien ass.

My most consistent winner is still my Heavy + Assault with dash, return fire and heavy armor and a heavy canon. The heavy weapon +30% dam proficiency is a bonus. Just rush in, kill one, get who ever else fire at me and get killed my return fire.

esp if you get the +20% dam and accuracy perk! :slight_smile:

Yeah bud, bug stompin’ time!

Great tips. Thanks!