Will multi-classing need to go?

The more they nerf skills the more clear it is they didn’t think out multi-classing. It seem that most of the skills themselves are not a problem until mixed with skills from other classes.

Rage burst would be fine if not paired with sniper rifles, sneak attack is not that powerful with a crossbow but with a SR or shotgun, wow. Master Marksman was fine until paired with heavy weapons, blood lust with shotguns became a problem and I guess adrenaline will soon be on the chopping block since 4 sniper shots will seem OP.

It seems like they should have just had an upgrade tree for each class instead.


Agree with that. Maybe they don’t want to do it because:

  • multi classing gives more combinations
  • it’s not like XCom
  • class trees would be like XCom

I personally don’t mind it to be made like in LongWar2 - you have a tree with two specializations and a middle with general perks. But maybe devs don’t want this in principal.
There might be other reasons and we are not seeing the whole picture because it’s simply not implemented yet.

Ditching multi-classing wouldn’t do anything about that because you can use any weapon on any class. I have a couple infiltrators with shotguns and have yet to have them fumble when it counts.

The devs can fix Rage Burst and Adrenaline Rush by adding them with flat accuracy cap instead of % accuracy penalty.

I don’t think Adrenalin Rush, Rapid Clearance and Stealth 100% can survive. First 2 build the biggest OP hole, but the third makes invincible.

No matter how, Rapid Clearance if the source of all problems of serious abuse. At some point if they can’t see how control it, then just copy the XCOM or Long War 2 solution (I don’t remember).

Dash was a source of flexibility, that AP cost make it a much more basic tool because a lot more limited. Dash never been the source of OP holes, with one exception because of design of Lairs. Simple fix, kill the target and survive 2 or 3 turns. Anyway Lairs need a lot of redesign.

The logical Dash nerf was limit it to 2, or even 3 perhaps.

They won’t, thought 100% stealth shouldn’t survive that was nuts that someone can stand right next to you shoot you with a shotgun and you still can’t see them, lol.

no need to ditch the multiclass… you have finite amount of skillpoints you can invest… to balance things out, amount of skillpoints required for those powerful abilities should be increased, so multiclassed soldier would have to make compromise in other areas… right now its way too easy to just train soldier up to level 7 within training facility, then chose just perks you really want.

The problem, the temporary solution is a self inflicted nerf a cap of 85% that seems work very well. That said 80% or even 90% could work too. In previous campaign I had 70% 75% and 80% each are different and each are quite playable and interesting and not OP.

In current campaign before getting Infiltrator armors, I have one with about 45% and sniper, in fact it’s still playable even if harder, for sure only for long range.

I find 75% to be very good, and it clearly doesn’t give you the impression like nothing can happen.
It’s very powerful, without being OP. ARs can finally be used effectively.

I’m building a mod where (besides other things) I’ll probably more or less erase the multi-class possibility and rebalance the loss through other things. I’m courious to see how this will work.

multi-class is a really nice idea ('cause it adds a lot of micromanagement) but it makes the battles a little too “choice oriented”, meaning that the right choice will “always” make you win, if you understand what I’m saying. Maybe reducing this gameplay style could be interesting. Or maybe it will be just worse, dunno.

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70% is also fine for AR, sure a little bit less powerful, but 70% should allow some armors variation adding other bonus, I don’t remind well the build.

80% is definitely a bit better, but no way OP, I had it for a very special case with Thief, Shadow Legs and Torso Tentacles, Berzerk/Infitrator/Shotgun/Cautious. Never seen such a Siren trap, but max 5 cases it could still be a bit RNG cause.

Typical case is coming from cover that increase significantly Stealth, so the Siren come close, get surprise and for some weird reason decide attack close range, tentacle counter, next turn two tentacles attack and Siren paralyzed, lol. It happened 5 times including twice in a Lair and another time in a Lair too.

I don’t think 85% would be too much, but it needs be experienced.

EDIT: For the weird Sirens behavior, the mutations looks terrifying, it’s not even Alien anymore but more pure Lovecraft, sure the Sirens was panicked reacting incoherently. Or it’s Berzerk protection against control, who know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: