Best mixed class?

Something I have never really bothered with but now think it’s one of the keys to success.

What’s the best mixed classes in order of bestness, and why?

There’s been some threads on that already… But clearly the threads had a name I couldn’t find lol. Ok good they get punished for bad thread name, or it’s the search engine. :slight_smile:

In my opinion the point is less soldiers builds than team builds. But there’s so many good builds so start somewhere is hard with a team perspective.

Myself I would suggest (but no OP builds there) some builds bellow. Armor and attributes are just suggestions, there’s so many possibilities, they give an idea of the build suggested:

Pure sniper, stay in back, also good for overwatch easy to setup, no required personal skill:

  • Key is it’s a sniper with Rage Burst.
  • Sniper all skills
  • Heavy Rage Burst and option for Inspire too
  • Synedrion Siper armor set or with Perceptor Head (better overwatch) and Stopmer legs.
  • SR + NJ Pistol + once you get paralyze pistol and SR they become great options.
  • Attributes 18/12/17

Destroyer, the focus is on high destruction capacity from long range, no requirement:

  • Key is it is setup like a sniper but use Heavy destruction weapons.
  • Heavy all skills but Brawler (more for Jetpack build) and Inspire.
  • Sniper all skills but Weak Spot and Marker for Death (better have this on another soldier).
  • Synedrion Siper armor set or with Perceptor Head (better overwatch) and Stopmer legs.
  • Hell Cannon, Grenade Launcher
  • Attributes 23/10/17

Combat scout, not all on speed but also armor and skills flexibility, no requirement:

  • Key is it’s a non rush scout ready for short range combats. War Cry is both a last chance skill when something go wrong in front and a, attack skill, perfect for such combat scout.
  • Assault all skills but option for Rally
  • Heavy War Cry option Rage Burst/Inspire.
  • Technician Armor set or Tech helm + Regen Torso + Agile Leg. Option to use NJ Tech arms if no Tech in the team.
  • Attributes, 22/14/18
  • The weapons variations are guided by personal skills.
  1. Strongman will increase scouting danger but later consider use Motion Detection module, he will be crap for any overwatch but very close. Heavy Chain Gun and at end of each turn consider switching to it for RF. Add Rage Burst to ensure an option for some special case to kill almost everything or everything in one attack but close range. STR more to 24.
  2. Close Quarter Specialist, Shotgun all are valid options.
  3. Trooper, AR-50.
  4. Sniperist, the will penalty doesn’t suit well the build, this is more an option other builds.
  5. Nothing, AR-50 and a Shotgun.

Sneaky Scout (on base of 85% stealth max self limit), no requirement:

  • Key is caution stealth scouting with Dash more as an escape door, and ready for a quick burst combat before to escape again.
  • Assault all skills but RF and Rally/Rapid Clearance as an option
  • Infitrator Decoy/Vanish/Sneak Attack
  • Infiltrator armor set or with Shadow Legs.
  • Shotgun, Poison Crossbow, Spider Pistol
  • Suggested attributes 17/12/22

Base front soldier with some focus on overwatch and maximum flexibility, no requirement:

  • Key is an Assault with owerwatch that cost 1AP, and Quick Aim giving extra flexibility.
  • Assault all skills but Rapid Clearance, and Rally as an option
  • Sniper Extreme Focus/Quick Aim, all others are options.
  • NJ Sniper Helmet or later Perceptor Head for less solid but better overwatch, NJ Tech Armor, NJ Assault leg, consider take Multi Visual Sensor. Option to use NJ Tech arms if no Tech in the team.
  • Shot gun, NJ AR, option for SR and NJ Pistol
  • Attributes 22/14/18

Tank not scout, require have mutations available:

  • Key is unlike default Heavy, no aiming penalty and flexibility with dash and assault weapons, and extra resilience from Berzerker.
  • Berzerker all skills
  • Assault Dash and RF, option for Ready for Action and Rally.
  • Regeneration Torso, Stomper leg, NJ Heavy Helm or Tech Helm
  • Shot gun, NJ AR, option for Hammer and NJ Pistol
  • Attributes 22/14/20 (the suggested setup has -4 speed penalty)

Jetpack Heavy with option Close Quarter Specialist.

  • Key is some extra resilience through Berzerk for Jetpack actions, open ability of multiple heavy shoot with Adrenalin Rush, have a good option to mix with Jetpack and not only a strong bash but a close range attack with Adrelalin rush. The optional personal skill just fit well the skill and adds shotgun into the options.
  • Berzerker all skills
  • Heavy Brawler/War Cry and option for Rage Burst
  • Close Quarter Specialist as an option.
  • NJ Heavy Armor, NJ Tech leg and helm or Armored Head an Stomper Legs
  • Heavy Chain Gun, Cannon Hell, Hammer, option for NJ Pistol, option for shotgun
  • Attributes 24/14/20 (the suggested setup has -4 speed penalty)

Just a few examples.


Bladdy ell You’ve done your home work haven’t you Mr Zzzz. Thanks, I couldn’t be bothered doing a search, to much like hard work. Besides doing searches comes with the title of none sociable interaction.

Lol yeah but it was fun, so fine, and once again, nothing OP here.

What a list Zzzz. Thanks for sharing. I might try this or other mixed class once finished the campaign, I wonder what would happens if my entire squad are just SR-Heavy :rofl:.

Elite classes are pretty powerful, I skipped Technician and Priest because they eat a lot of SP and single class is already powerful. You can use technician tools without the Technician class but they can fumble, it’s still a valid option. But abilities to throw turret, take control, medic body parts and not fumble for equipment skills, plus a powerful joker with Electric Reinforcement, are a big plus no other class can offer. For Priest no need any detail, unique class and powerful tactically.

Elite are the first reason to not have a SR/Heavy only team. Otherwise a mix of SR/Heavy more SR or more Heavy or even both should be quite playable, but I believe not only with positive, still worth experiement.

There’s many other mix around SR or Heavy and multi class with other classes should allow build a more balanced team in my opinion, and that would be still a team mainly focus on SR/Heavy with any soldiers having one or both.

My only experiment was a team of 4, with 4 SR/Heavy but not yet level 7. Worth experiment a full team.

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Nice info, thanks.