Moving a half empty gun removes all bullets

  1. main UI
  2. select “Personnel”
  3. select a character
  4. remove a weapon that is running low on ammunition
  5. in “storage” the bullet count goes to zero

You loss all remaining bullets.

Those bullets are there (stored in memory and hidden from the player). But if you will try to equip again that weapon then it doesn’t load with half-empty magazine, as it is set by default that weapon require full magazine to be present.

As you stated, they’re in inventory and will be combined with other used magazines. if you reload early in the field, the rounds and mags are lost.

I was relatively early in the game and found 2 weapons, but I had no additional magazines for them. I removed the equipped weapons, because I wanted a different team to have those weapons. While the bullet count was low, it was still enough to take them in 1 or 2 battles.

It surprised me that it made those weapons useless, because when I dropped them to my storage all bullets were gone. When I tried to equip them again, it had no bullets.

Bullets are not gone, but there is not enough of them to make even single, usable clip. If you find third same weapon the total bullets count may exceed the clip size and you will get one clip. Rest of the bullets will, like the bullets you have right now, remain hidden until you have enough of them to fill next clip and so on.

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