Ammunition bug - reload uses clip, but weapon doesnt reload

Encountered this in an alien base (not on the geoscape) on my latest playthrough, hit reload and then ran to a new location, weapon still empty, so thought ‘maybe I didn’t give it time to reload the weapon and moved too fast’, hit reload again and again weapon still empty, but no more clips in inventory either.

I just alt-F4’d as it was very annoying to lose 2 clips like that - especially as it probably meant that soldier would die too! Hopefully this can be investigated and fixed.

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That happens a lot to me. In addition to ammo disappearing after loading prior to the mission.

This happened to me, but after reloading I realized that the clip was not full. If you reload before the clip is empty, then that partly empty clip is still in your inventory. You can recycle these for resources to purchase full clips.

I understand what you’re saying, but I’ve been watching to make sure that the weapon showed as full prior to the mission. And once I load into the map, I’m greeted with an out of ammo message and need to reload.

I’ve also experienced having 2 or 3 clips in inventory and having to reload 2 or more times to get the ammo to show in the weapon. Meaning the clips were consumed without me firing.

Everytime when you will change soldiers weapon, it would have problems with first reload for sure. equip extra ammoclips all the time. And that bug also one more serioust reason to take assaults class with ability of fast reload.

I’ve also been having this bug. I check to make sure I have all my weapons loaded before a mission, but when I get into the mission, my weapon is empty.

I’ve also had the alien base raid glitch as well, that when I reload my weapon, it doesn’t get reloaded.

Has this issue been looked into already? I’ve only had the game for a couple of days now, and it took me a couple of days to even find these forums.

Found the cause if the mag doesn’t have 100% of its ammo when reloaded it counts as an empty one. So any none 100% ammo should be scrapped.

Mine were freshly built. New gun that was just manufactured, plus new ammo that was freshly manufactured. Seems to be a problem with newly manufactured weapons. And the second mission, I make sure that the gun is full of ammo again, but the same thing happens: I go to shoot, and my weapon is empty.

One thing you need to check as well… The “spare” clips can be EMPTY! Yes that’s right I had two of each clip in the inventory of my men which were empty and some others are only half full or only 1 shot in them. Even if you hit MAKE AMMO button it does not fill the clips you must make extra clips drag the empty or half empty clip back into the storage and only then it will give you a full clip, this takes a lot of time to check and if you do it before they mission (and not at the storage) your screwed it will not fill the spare clips.