Why do we see spotted enemies who went behing corner

Hi @UnstableVoltage, I’m not sure, maybe it was already answered, but I can’t find such answer. Do you know maybe if observation of spotted enemies will change from what was in all previous Backers Builds?

Currently when we spot enemy (no matter if in our or in his turn) we see all his actions until start of his next turn, and it doesn’t matter if he will run out of our range of sight or he will just break that line of sight while hiding behind corner of buidling… or actually anything.

It is different to what we know from X-COM and/or XCOM and it is quite strange approach. It doesn’t build tension like it should. We should not know what enemy is doing behind that corner. Is he just staying there to shoot us, or is he reloading and deploying shield, or maybe he went on the different side of that building? We shouldn’t know that until we have line of sight behind that corner or have other fancy specialized equipment. The moment they go out from perception zones of our soldiers they should disappear (maybe with some noice indicator if they are close enough). It also applies to allies (civilians and probably faction soldiers).

Maybe it is just because perception system was not fully implemented?


It looks like perception system was not fully implemented after all. In August update it is said they’re working on AI and there will be attempts of breaking the line of sight or flanking by enemies. Yay :smiley: