Steam saves for all possible endings

I’ve just finished steam version of the gamer. I wanted to have a savepoint where I could reach most of the endings for the achievements, but the game unfortunatelly doesn’t work as I thought.

There must be some kind of bug for the Synedrion moon mission and Anu Temple of Eana.

I’ve resereched three topics:

Command Fortress, Moon Mission, Temple of Eana. However despite Moon mission and Temple of Eana taking 4d to build it actually took 3x as that. The Command Fortress managed to built and both Synderion and Anu buildings didn’t even start. Additionally Temple of Eana was built first. Anyway I thought I could research all the endings at the same time and just picking the item of my choosing on the Palace. But it turns out, the first mission is the only mission I could unlock except overridden by the PP ending.

Does someone have all other endings possibly on Hero difficulty (because on Legend it doesn’t unlock this one - shame), just right before placing the item?

I don’t know how it is now, but it was like that before.

There are five possible endings right? Synedrion has two.

Yes, but I thought you could research all the Pandoran Palace openings so you do the final fight once.

Do you chose one of the Synderion ending on the final research? Because I’ve researched NJ ending then Synedrion project but got no choice since NJ ending was locked in.

Yes, but this is decided way before the end, particular by deciding which side to choose at the 25% supportive reputation.

To complete this, there are all in all 6 possible endings … you can also loose against the pandorans :wink:

You can only do final fight once, but which end you get is decided by the research order.

To be on the safest side it is possible to delay all the 3 pre ending mission of the factions, save when all are ready to go and then choose the one you want to finish. This way there is no race between the final researches of the factions.

See above, it is decided by the selection of 25% rep mission.

Yes, but then I have to reload, research other option, do the fight again, and do the 4 endings that way.
What I thought, you can research all endings, pick all the items, do the fight, save end then just place the item.

And that is unfortunately not possible, there is nothing to choose in the final mission (EDIT: you get exactly one Item or for Anu the Exalted), it is decided by the research order.
I don’t know exactly how it actually is, but either a later research overwrites the previous one or the first one that is completed determines the end and the others simply do nothing.

Like I said, the first research locks on the ending, which is overridden by Phoenix Point ending. That is why I ask for saves, mostly due to 2 synedrion endings, that I wont get when I start playing with next DLC.

Then the only way to get this without doing the final mission again is with 5 different saves.

BTW, all the effort just for the achievements? Shouldn’t one earn it somehow? Or is it nowadays that these achievements are more important than the way you have achieved them?
This is not supposed to be a personal criticism or offending, but from my perspective that is not really the point of these achievements.

Well I played since the beginning on the Epic since day 1 (being backer and all that jazz) so I personally feel I’ve earned it already. Had all the endings (except the second for Synderion) and since every playthrough costs me 120h I don’t feel like playing few more times. Maybe if there were more DLCs, but only 1 remains, if I’m not mistaken.

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Actually 3 more and if not, then I want to have parts of my money back that I spent for the Season Pass :wink:

3 more? Isn’t Festering skies the last one?

Nope, 2 more are coming after Festering Skies, but no one knows anything about them, maybe even not the developers :rofl:

If you have PP Epic with the Season Pass then all 5 are still shown in the Library under "Manage Add-Ons":

Do not see anything about Season Pass. Might be having backer key. I know that I should recieve Festering Skies once it is released, but after that I do not know.

I also don’t see anything about this particular Season Pass. BTW, didn’t backer of a certain level automatically get the Season Pass? (I’m not a backer, I just bought it on Epic last year after it was released and the Season Pass after release of the first DLC)

What is shown when you go to “Manage Add-Ons” for PP in your Epic library?

If you don't know what I mean, look here:

Ah I see now. Well then yes I have 5 add ons, with Festering Skies coming up next.

Backers from before Epic deal got Season Pass, yes, but it was available for sale on Epic before Year1Edition came out - it was also included in the most price version of PP available on Epic.

I don’t think there is anything similar available for Year1One, and DLCs just will be available for purchase as they come out.

There are indeed 5 DLCs planned, 3 of which were revealed and Festering Skies is the last one of those three. There are still two more to go, though it is unknown what they are, or even if devs decided on what they are already - one account of Festering Skies coming out soonish, it is something they should start planning or even designing for already.

Is this that about choosing Mist Repeller vs Other thing?

The trick to postponing the endings getting triggered is to avoid the missions just prior to the factions final mission. (If I recall correctly they are):

NJ: City Upon a Hill
Anu: The Schism
Syn: Moonshot

To complete this, there are all in all 6 possible endings … you can also loose against the pandorans :wink:

If you’re talking about the all endings achievement, on gamepass it’s glitched. s
SG already confirmed to me the lose ending doesn’t count as part of the five.

I’ve done all five (including losing) and achievement tracker stuck at 80%