Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse Just switch off

The game seems to cause the Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse to lose power.

It normally happens during the enemies turn(only pandorans so far). I can pull out the keyboard and mouse and plug back in and they start working, but the monitor wont connect and I have to hard reboot the system.

Is this something others have experienced?

My system

AMD 7 2700X 8 Core 4GHZ
16G Ram
2080 RTX

Played Star the latest star wars game in ultra at 2K res and the latest metro game on 4K with no issues, and recently been playing Plantefall in 4K. Just in case the first response is maybe your system can’t handle the game.

Update, the game is now totally unplayable as one type of creature when I shoot it i get 0 dmg then it just crashes. So dissapointed in this, backed this at the start as was super excited and finally it is released and mission 1 crashes, but carry on, mission 3 it crashes, but carry on, and then mission 4 crashes over and over. Hope this gets solved soon.

Further Update. It appears that the game crashes when I attak, and it zooms into aliens, at close range, then the game just crashes. on misison 3 and am now on 15 crashes, which I am sure is neither doing any good for my game OR my machine. Would be good to have some sort of response from the game devs, yes I know your a small company, but surely you want us to enjoy this and buy future games from you. Right now I am feeling like I have been ripped off a little and as there appears to be NO official responses, sort of feels like you have taken the money and run. Which is a shame as the game seems great.