Black screen of death

The game completely locks up my PC, it seems to be happening only during Synedrion missions. The screen just goes black and I lose the signals on my screens, though the computer itself stays on. Only way to shut down the PC is to take the power cord out since the power button and the reset button wont do a thing. I had this exact same thing happen about a year back when I tested out the early access build.

My specs:
Windows 10
GeForce GTX 1080
AMD Ryzen 2700x
16gb ram

The game is installed on a 120gb M.2 along with my windows.

I have update all my divers
reinstalled the game (I’m using the windows store version)
Reinstalled the latest version of C++ redist which was mentioned in a older thread of the same issue.

I have a hunch it has something to do with Ryzen 2700x or AMD cpu’s in general, since the few people who have pointed out the same issue seem to also have AMD cpu.

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My issue is similar, but it only happens if I allow the power saver mode to turn off my monitor. When that happens, the video driver has stopped responding. It will take at least 1 minute before I can get it to reactivate the video driver. If I play PP and don’t restart the computer, this happens every time the power saver kicks in, even if PP is not running. There are obviously some serious issues either with the recent Unity Engine update, or with Snapshots use of it.

Yeah, seems like it. I tried to go trough crash logs and such, but didn’t find anything useful. For the record, Windows doesn’t even create any logs to get by, maybe it’s cause the computer still stays on after the black screen. This is pretty frustrating, since I stopped playing the game last time solely due to this same thing.

And it can’t really be my hardware, since this doesn’t happen in any other game, no matter how demanding they are hardware wise.

Just shooting in the dark… Next time try to bring up Task Manager, wait a minute or two to see if the screen reactivates. PP will probably be a black screen. But this may get you back into Windows.

Well, I could try that. But that doesn’t explain why my power button, nor reset button on the case no longer works when I lose the signal. Only way to reboot the computer is by unplugging it from the wall.

Sounds more like some power supply problem. Your motherboard must be blocking input from buttons. Question is why this happens. Do you have something overclocked and there may be not enough power to support it? It definitely can be issue with using system and hardware resources by the game but still we can think how to overcome it without devs intervention.

From what I’ve experienced, once the video driver has been disabled, the system is in total shutdown until it eventually restarts the video drivers. No keyboard, no mouse, etc. Since the power button is tied to the system being able to detect it for shutdown/restart, it makes sense.