Why does this game crash so much?

On the last boss. He’s at half health and it crashes during enemy movement. This has been the 20th so crash this run. Mutogs dying crashes game. How did you guys release a game with so many game crashing bugs and no autosave?

Literally saving every turn because it crashes randomly during enemy turn

Agree that it does hang up during enemy movement… I let my computer go for 30 minutes, and still sitting there on Pandorian movement. I hope they fix that soon! it is frustrating when you think your getting ahead in the game. I have autosave on, thus it does allow me to restart the mission if I want. Hopefully the Devs see this thread and do something to help us enjoy our weekends/holidays to play games.

I can have it randomly in each mission. Its frustrating when you nearly won a battle and it stucks in the Pandora Movement. And it definitly go not on after a while … today i let it hang over night, so i think its time enough for the Game :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to save all 2 rounds, but definitly wenn i forget it the game stucks … and its annoying to save it manually.

I looked about the RAM using to reproduce it, but imho it is not caused by this caus it comes on 3Gig als as on 6Gig

Totally agree on this point. The Pandorun turn is when bad things happen (crash/freeze). They probably need to do more testing on different HW configs? It needs alot of work but the basics are there. Hoping for a big patch release in a month or two.