Missiles and Grenades and cross-eyed soldiers

The aim mechanism for PP is probably one of it’s most appealing aspects, however this strength is completely thrown away (see what I did there?) with projectiles. The game provides almost ZERO input on where my grenades will land. Sure - I may be lucky enough to see an area of effect (gee, thanks for that) but I have ZERO input of what my odds of actually landing my grenade into that area. Nada. None. Kaput.
It would be nice to know, say, that there is a tree with magnetic branches half-way between. Or maybe a building overhang - or maybe my nimrod heavy is just drunk and shooting 5’ wide. Nope. There is no feedback and no way to make an informed decision about whether or not to take the shot.
And yes - I have seen trained professionals lob a smoke grenade into a 2’ window from 50 yards. So don’t give me shit about randomness. If the shot is going to land random - FUCKING TELL ME.
Stupid game mechanic. I find myself save-scumming every grenade shot because there is no intelligent way to determine a high risk shot from a low risk shot.
While we’re at it - can we get some variety of grenade types for the launcher? The enemy can shoot a variety - why not me?


Hand thrown grenades are 100% accurate. GL grenades and rockets can deviate, degree of deviation depending on accuracy stat of the soldier. However, when aiming them you can tell that they have a higher chance of hitting the spot if the aiming line is red and it ends in a red circle with a dot inside.

Of course, common sense advisable when using GL and rocket mounts, because since they can deviate from their trajectory they can hit something on their way.


I would prefer having “throwing” as some skill, as used to be in old XCom. But skill that can progress by use, or skill tree use (“improved throwing”).

Same (chances) should apply to Pandorans. Goo should miss, acid too, granades also. Instead of being insta killers, they should mutate or improve weapons instead of “throwing mayhem” (so we have to counter only on developed skills and ultra skilled soldiers to be able to survive).
Same for them, poor creatures should be given some chance versus
our granades and missiles, and some miss chance could even make
“Heavy explosion cannons” “great again” (Xcom-Terror from deep HE explosion style!)

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“GL grenades and rockets can deviate, degree of deviation depending on accuracy stat of the soldier.”
Umm, that’s pretty much what I just said…
“when aiming them you can tell that they have a higher chance of hitting the spot” um, no, you actually cannot. If it is not red you can’t throw. Nor is there any indication whatsoever of any ‘higher chance’ of jack shit. Are you sure you are talking about the same game as the rest of us?

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Made it proposed and votable

When you are aiming with an indirect fire weapon you can see a circle on the ground. Sometimes it has a red dot inside and sometimes it doesn’t. When it does it is more likely that it will hit the spot.

What you could throw away is your attitude. We are all just players here, discussing ideas and trying to help each other out. I don’t think you talk to strangers like you write your posts, or do you?


Its general aiming, not throwing and is nice mechanics.

Yup, some forum style would be good. But not all have background of e.g.
old school forums (I am Amiga forum user since 2000s and BBBS user in 90s)
and some might consider it “modern times” - “shoot the developers” - user service complains thing. Modern “Internet” posting is far from e.g. usenet etc. politness.
Damn Google Comments for all, facebook and other anti social media, “where everything is possible” :slight_smile:

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It’s like Aiming Circle
if you “probing” the area around your “desired point” (white/red dome), you can roughly imagine the “amount of interference”
and it is logical that the more interference there is for the grenade to land, the higher the chance of colliding with an obstacle.

Yes, this is definitely not an intuitive design.

I dream of seeing it as a first-person red arc throw, just like in PUBG.

I think it just needs an extra circle within the red-AOE hemisphere to show the possible error range in the final result… hmmm, now wondering what the aim uncertainty distribution is based on - Gaussian normal, triangular, uniform, skewed-Beta… oh the joys of uncertainty! :nerd_face:

There was a mod that do exactly that, but I doubt it is outdated and will not run with the actual version of the game. Search on Youtube, there was a video I saw about that. So it is possible to do something like that, the devs have only to do it :wink:

If agree to remake Boom Blast. Then I propose a clear ranking concept for throwing grenades.

  • Hand grenades - (much)close but accurate.
  • Grenade Launcher - medium distance and medium accuracy
    (2 shots = 1.5 hand grenades by power)
  • M. Launcher - very far away and the further the worse the accuracy
    (1 shot = 1.25 hand grenades by power)

And Yes, hitting accuracy must be clearly visible and understandable in order to correctly assess the difference in weapons and skills (it is missing now).

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Oh, so its just not me? I think ive landed my grenades in the intended position maybe once. Had it scatter to a more favourable position once and every other time it simply just scattered.

Ive hit the side of buidlings, had the grenade fly off the map, hit the ceiling of tunnels and blew up the rock my soldier was using for cover -_-

Even with the head and legs swapped to negate the accuracy penalty I dont think the grenade launcher should be THIS inaccurate…

Hand grenades are 100% accurate. grenades from launcher are quite innacurate - even more the further you aim.

I guess thats fine if the devs intended it as such…but the game doesent tell the player this. Something about this beeing added to the tutorial would be nice.

It’s not so much that GL is inaccurate, it’s the Heavy that is inaccurate. When one compensates for this, GL and rockets become more accurate.

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I have a Heavy with a 0% penalty to accuracy armed with a GL and I can count the number of grenades that landed on target on 1 hand. A single time namely out of about 2 dozen shots.

Even with no penalty to hit they cant seem to land anything on target. Or RNGezus is just very much against me…

I agree on that…would definitely like to see a Throwing Skill/Skill Tree

And I feel that a target zone really needs to be shown for all explosives showing possible deviation points/area so that you can estimate if it does deviate what sort of effect area could still result.

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I hit a crazy 9 of 10 through the entire map. But I shoot it mostly in a open area and mostly there is min. 1-2 enemy’s in the open.

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Ok but did they land where you aimed them or did they land a little off target? If you have a target rich enviroment you can still miss and still hit at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow Karen, would you like to speak to my manager?