Grenade Launcher Absurdly Inaccurate

Although I approve of grenade scattering in theory, the current practice leaves much to be desired. Grenade scatter with the launcher is so bad that I’ve stopped using grenade launchers entirely unless a soldier has accuracy perks —it’s just not worth the wasted shot and movement.

There should be two categories of scatter: one for when the target is out of LOS, and the other for when you can see what you’re aiming at. Bad scatter is fine in the first circumstance, but not the second. And in no circumstance should a soldier launch a grenade into the wall in front of him/her — that’s just a level of stupidity that is not fitting for the elite soldiers of Phoenix Point. The shot should just be prohibited. The argument that we, as players, should make that judgment is unreasonable given the imperfect modeling of the space actually occupied by terrain.

There should be different visualization of scatter. Someone posted example of artillery from World of Tanks. :slight_smile: You would have good indication if to shoot or not.

If there would be 25% chance of hitting obstacle near you, would you shot or not? :slight_smile: I would. Why game should prevent me from doing it? :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t, given how inaccurate the launcher is. A 25% chance to disable your own soldier is not worth the chance of doing a little damage to the enemy.

Sometimes it is worth, sometimes not. :slight_smile: I use grenade launcher to weaken heavily armored Arthrons from behind obstacles (to not trigger return fire). Usually I hit them in at least some body parts. It is not precise and not exactly what I wanted, but still often enable me to cripple Arthrons from some distance. Then I finish them with other soldier. For example assault with assault rifle.

That’s how I’d like to use the launcher, but it’s just too inaccurate.

It’s interesting. It got nerfed from BB5 because we were abusing it so much. It’s probably a little too weak now, but then it was stupidly OP in BB5 :grin:

I’m kinda with you on the ‘don’t let us kill ourselves with the splashback’ though. I think it should trigger a ‘you might hit the wall and splashback’ warning, in much the same way that it triggers a ‘do you really want to frag that friend of yours?’ warning when someone on your side is in the blast area.


Agreed, happened to me yesterday.

Have you noticed the circle at center, it seems indicate the accuracy, if small and plain, it will hardly miss, if it’s empty and somehow large you are tempting a gamble.

Happened to me only once and recently, I don’t use it enough, it’s not a feature it’s a bug.

Interesting. I’ll check that out, thanks.

Also, out of curiosity, are you only using them on heavies? I haven’t looked into it, but the penalties on heavy armor may be magnifying your issues.

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Give your heavies a sniper helmet and pants and see what a difference it makes, even with grenades. They’re more vulnerable but the additional accuracy makes even the Hell Gun into a decent sniper rifle.

No, I usually use them with assault/heavy hybrids in medium armor, but my most recent version was a heavy with the strongman perk, so it played a role there.