Make grenades follow the ballistic system

At the moment grenades are landing and exploding exactly where they are aimed at.

Why not also have them follow the ballistic system for other projectiles all be it what an arc in their trajectory rather than a straight shot?

Why not also make it possible for them to bounce off of cover? This could lead to some interesting mistakes, and also one or two trick shots. :slight_smile:

It is planned. They just need to enable it for most explosive weapons. :slight_smile: Currently only Chiron and Scarab have scatter.

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Heavily agree at least for the hand grenades, as no human can accurately throw a grenade where they want perfectly every time.

That said the one perk for grenades should revert them to being 100% accurate for that one user.

On the grenade launcher though, please don’t give it scatter, already a pain as it is when the grenade does no damage to a creature in the middle of the blast while damaging all in the area.

Think the launcher should have a frag effect. meaning it has a smaller base radius but a large possible area for shrapnel though might be hard on calculations.

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What? Everyone will say that Granade Launcher is overpowered weapon. It needs to have scatter.


It might be OP, but it is the only accurate option the heavies have, the rest of their weapons suck.

As stated I don’t think it needs scatter, I think it needs a blast range reduction. scatter might be worse as with it you can use luck and save scumming to hit just outside its range.

IMHO I think the grenade launcher should have scatter (a human is aiming it :wink:).
However, it should be half the scatter you get with hand held grenades.
Scatter should depend on the thrown distance. It’s much more difficult to aim if you’re giving all you’ve got.

And please, a warning if you risk hitting a friendly target. And also, warn if rookie can fumble grenades, I really hated having my heavy without a weapon in the mission where I had to face 2 queens (in BB4, haven’t faced one in BB5) because a rookie sent the grenade when I pressed the button to aim a grenade.

Now everyone is proficient with grenades so no one will fumble.