Minor flow Suggestions:

  1. Mutagens - it wasn’t at all clear to me how to harvest mutagens. I didn’t even notice the containment tab after doing the relevant research, building containment lab and capturing aliens.
    I even built 4 of the things thinking that was the only way to get mutagens. Searching online, I’m not the only person to miss this.
    a) tell me about the containment tab clearly when it is available
    b) highlight it (new/exclamation mark) until I visit it
    c) link to it from the containment lab

  2. Broken turret (I think)
    sometimes I find a turret in my store that can’t be equipped (but it can be put in the backpack)
    this needs some explanation and warning icon
    I think the issue is that the turret was killed and all I can do is scrap it.
    If that’s the case, then just scrap it for me automatically
    If there is something else I can do - then let me know

  3. When the technician recovers a turret - it should go to his hand if he has a free space

  1. Some solution around mind control / capturing aliens
    It’s annoying that the mission ends if you mind control the last enemies without giving you the option to paralyse them.
    It’s annoying that you can’t use the neuralyser on mind controlled enemies

suggestions. Either just capture any alien who is mind controlled at the end of the battle (my preference), or provide an option to not end the mission while you paralyse them.