Mind controll soldiers heal Sirens?

  • Siren mind controls my soldier
  • Next turn he uses medikit, our own advanced healing to heal it of paralyze and restore 120 HP on Siren

I dont see the problem?

It is not a bug, I have seen also a mindfragged soldier healing that mindfragger

Alien should not be able to use human medikits - not same DNA. They already have mechanicsms to regen etc. To me, its a cheat.

You’ll have to live with that, there are a lot of cheating in the game, like teleportation, lacking local storages. Or healing first turn on tactical after a soldier was severly wounded in the previous mission, and many more

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I live with greater bugs (PP - always in beta) but this one is non-logical.
Syren cannot normally heal plus virus/paralyze is taken off. And when have they researched advanced medi kit to restore more HP?

Give then our soldiers regen limbs and regen per turn!

We have and we use Regeneration Torso, and Berserkers level 6 can use disabled limbs, also non every Pandoran have regeneration but I see your point, MC or MF soldier use medkits(or virophage kits) healing non human beings.

And I ask, is this logical: technician skill for restoring limbs using 2 AP?

Talk you a talk, its a cheat, or better to say bug that needs fixing.

Maybe we should assume that medkits are not designed only for humans (mutog for example)? :slight_smile:

I agree, our Dog got an ointment that was designed for humans.

To really be honest neither do I think that this is a bug nor do I think that this is a problem. I mean I’d prefer if my solider heals their Siren instead of shooting my own guys. The Sirens mindcontrol is taken care of in a single turn in 99% of the situations. So for the 1% of situations I really dont mind the healing.
Also Sirens have partially human DNA so in my oppinion it would be wrong if the medikit would’nt heal it. You could maybe argue that the healing should be reduced for pandorans based on the % of human DNA just for the sake of lore.
Gameplaywise however this really isn’t a problem and certainly not a bug.

AI health mania, but Siren is not supposed to heal.
I would prefer shooting.

I don’t think this is enough to qualify it as a bug or cheat. :stuck_out_tongue: AI did what was the most beneficial at the moment.

Yes, used its health mania on aliens. You can exploit it with fractions by just hurting few soldiers, and then rest would spend turn healing them. I wish AI was more aggressive and team working and that medi kits cant heal aliens. They can and do have their own regen skills.

I agree about the better AI part, but that implies using medkits if that is beneficial.

Lore-wise, there is only one truly alien being in the game and I agree, he should not benefit from medkits (he doesn’t afaik :P), but rest are just more-less human mutations.

Gameplay-wise, you can have regen skills too and still use medkits.

In my opinion, mind-controlled soldier healing Pandorans is amazing and removing it would feel like… artificial adjustment to difficulty. Yet, like you, I wish AI be more context oriented and use surrounding situation in a decision making process (even in a simple form of: heal when it is more beneficial than shoot).