Let us heal enemies! Medkit use

We need to capture some alive. They bleed out. They can be healed(my soldier under control of siren did it). So let us heal them with medkit. Please!


I agree. Would make sense to be able to totally cripple a tough enemy with 5 broken parts and then paralyse them without letting them bleed out. Though I would suggest the targeting bar at the bottom shows your allied units first and then the enemy afterwards, if they happen to be next to each other. A small thing that makes it less likely for you to accidentally heal an enemy.

Remember Medikits from X-COM ?

Could have some options, like just “stop bleeding/other sh*ts” to stabilize an enemy or some “willpower drugs” :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting and immersive concept with the right physiology researched I’d be all for this.