Why aliens can heal with human medkit?

The most ridiculous thing I saw after 20 hours of my first attempt play this game is when Siren take control of my soldier and heal herself with medkit made for humans.

This is just stupid and doesn’t fit to logic even considering this is just a game.

Why not? She has human DNA within her. Also, the medkit could just be an auto-bandage, or auto-suture device, which injects a painkiller and seals the wound.

There’s nothing in the lore which says that human tech won’t work on Pandas - and in fact given that the lore specifically implies the Pandas are modified humans, it suggests that human tech will be compatible.

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Yes. It only hurts in the other way around, so when you apply Pandoran tech to humans. :slightly_smiling_face: Well Disciples even managed to negate harmful aspect.

Or maybe it is in the lore, because game doesn’t punish you enough for interactions with aliens. My feedback covers this element, but as it is not finished yet, then I won’t spoil anything.

I am a little muddy when it comes to the Virophage lore. However, I am going on the hunch that it was reverse engineered from a older form of the Pandoravirus. If so, the Virophage Kit would be using Pandoravirus altered DNA to make a more powerful medkit for humans. Therefore, there is no reason that a human medkit would not work on a Pandoran. Especially since, as was mentioned, Pandorans are just mutated human DNA creatures.

It is a game in fairness, but…I’m under the impression that the Panda virus recombines alreday extant DNA. We don’t need hugely different medical equipment for horses or dogs, just differnt doses etc. So I don’t have an issue with this.