Ideas: heal enemy and shields

so when my troops get mind controlled, they can use their medkits to heal aliens, but when im trying to get a alien that ive paralized to not bleed out, i dont have that option, which is dumb. if my mindcontrolled troops can use medkits on aliens, then its compatable, and would be dumb to prevent healing aliens, as contrary to the mission as that is

Also, second idea, is that the pandorans have shields, why dont we? even if its not as powerful as theirs, i would love to see riot shields or energy sheilds or something, tho that might require a whole system rework cause we can only use one item, even if its one or two handed.


I would definitely love to see riot shields! They’d play a very pivotal role, even if you were limited to using a pistol or combat weapon with it.

You could have the shield as an attachment to an armour slot (like the missiles or motion devices etc). Then your soldier would always have it on. (Maybe with the option to lock it onto your back? - to use 2 hands)

I also find it silly that a paralyzed enemy can’t be healed. If they were temporarily changed to an ally while paralyzed, it would solve that problem. It would also solve a problem I have where my turrets shoot my captures! lol

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