Erratic use of medikits by AI

AI Human adversaries are fanatic to use medikits, even with small injuries, instead fire…

When they have chances to kill or severe injure one of human soldiers, if they are wounded, they prefer to use medikit instead shoot in human.

This is dumb AI imo.

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Erratic use of medikits by AI | Voters | Phoenix Point


Oh believe me mate, we’ve been banging on to the devs about this one for years.
I think they’re doing something about it, but don’t hold your breath.


As i only start playing in December whith the 1 year edition at Steam i don’t know the past… when i detect something that in my oppinion should be changed i write here, for you maybe is repetitive, but for me is new. Sorry, i just want to contribute to the game become better and a challange for players.


Sure, and keep it coming! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s good to keep bringing these things up. I’m sure @MichaelIgnotus just wanted to let you know where things stand on the AI health obsession issue.

Btw, have you ever seen enemies not use medkits to heal? Before Polaris it never happened (they always healed, to the point where if an MCed soldier had a medkit, he would use to heal a Panda or himself). I think I have now began to see them sometimes behaving differently, but I’m not sure.


Oh Lobo, I’m not taking you to task for raising this - I’m just reacting to the idea that the devs will respond to what we say any time this millennium.

I’m getting tired of this if I’m honest. You’re not telling us anything that we haven’t told the devs a thousand times, and yet still the same old problems & exploits appear.

And don’t get me started about Fire Damage…

I’m starting to despair that this game will ever reach the potential it could achieve - and I’m usually one of the more positive members of this forum.


Canny Feedback Tool topic: Erratic use of medikits by AI | Voters | Phoenix Point

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Thanks for the honesty. Developing better enemy AI (OK, it did improve a bit during time once :slight_smile: and enemy diversity somewhat sound like a priority, at least from players perspective :slight_smile: Ideally, improved AI should be part of higher difficulties and such mindless rush-towards-certain-death kept for rookie :slight_smile: