Mind Control is using more WP than it should, or doesn't work at all

Controlled a siren. Skill says it takes 2 WP to maintain but it’s draining 5 points per turn from my soldier.

Also sometimes mind control just fails to work. Like, I meet all the conditions, it does the animation, it shows ‘mind controlled’ in little pink text above them and literally nothing changes. My guy doesn’t lose any WP, thankfully, but the enemy isn’t mind controlled either.

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Ive ran into this also :confused: I really wanted that Scylla… It was panicked and gave me the option but just wouldnt work, even after I took it back down to way less will points than my MC’er had.

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If u load game, u lost 2 WP like as 1 turn control, bug

Nah, didn’t load. Just lost 5 WP per turn instead of 2.
Heh, maybe the dev had his keyboard upside down? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It happened to me yesterday. I’m mind-controlling a chiron, I have 7 WP. I save the game, load it again and I have only 2 WP left. :frowning: