Mindcontrol on Syclla

here is the situation
system shows mindcontrol is available and Syclla is only valid target
and text shows ‘mindcontrolled’ after I used the ability

but nothing happend afterwards
I have two priests around , neither of them could actualy controlling the Syclla
the willpoint of Syclla is 0 and both of my squads’ will is > 0
seems like a bug to me
and it’s a fatal one
I will definitly lost my beserker/priest next turn if I can’t mindcontrol the Syclla at his face.

It’s really disappointing that suddenly you lose your gamechanging move like this :frowning_face:

Scylla being a high willpower ennemy (even once his head is destroyed and hiw WP came down to 0)

It need a high amount of WP on your soldiers to control as it seem.
Like a siren that drain 5 WP when controled, i think a scylla request probably around 10 WP. (must admit i never tested myself but it seem to be the logical explanation that came to my mind. If your priest were full, i guess i’m just wrong) :o